It’s A Dirty Job… And We’re Happy To Do It!

Service Champions technician Jay showed up to a customer’s townhouse in Irvine and thought maybe he had somehow accidentally stumbled into a serviceman’s convention.

There was a person there looking at the garage door opener, another preparing to work on the washer and dryer, and a general contractor who was just leaving. And Jay was there to do a repair on her heating system.

“It’s my service day today!” the customer brightly explained.

When Jay entered the house with Service Champions’ standard-issue booties covering his shoes, the techs from the other companies suddenly felt self-conscious. The washer/dryer repairman decided to save face; he removed his shoes and trudged off to do his service in stocking feet!

Jay couldn’t help a small smile, but he was there to work, so off he went. By the time he finished, the other servicemen had left, and he and the customer got to talking.

The customer lamented, “The washer & dryer company used to also move and clean the refrigerator coils and the area around the fridge. Now they refuse to do that.”

Jay had a surprise for her.

Unbeknownst to the customer, Jay had previously worked for that same company—he knew exactly how to safely move and clean under the refrigerator. But he didn’t just know how…  he was going to take care of it for her on the spot!

“I pulled out the refrigerator, vacuumed it, mopped it with a rag, cleaned the refrigerator and the walls,” Jay said. Because it had been so long since she had had someone willing to do this, it was really dirty.

Jay was undaunted.

“I had to move a lot of things out of the way and I even cleaned the area on top where it was hard for her to reach. I mopped it, dried it, and cleaned it all,” he said. “She was really nice and we talked a lot as I worked.”

The delighted customer could not get over that this was all being done for free. Jay had to walk her to the door and point to his truck. “See it’s a big part of our company philosophy,” Jay explained. “It’s printed right on the truck – ‘Good Deeds For Free’.”

Jay, thanks for taking an extra half hour with this customer and making her day with your Good Deed For Free!