Can My Air Conditioning Make Me Sick?

When homeowners complain that their air conditioning is making them sick, there are several questions to ask and parts to analyze in finding the answer to restore home comfort and health. Believe it or not, if left unmaintained, your air conditioning can make you sick.

It most likely is not the refrigerant.

Many homeowners think of refrigerant like gas for a car: it constantly needs to be refilled. For your home central air system, this is not the case. Refrigerant is contained in a sealed copper pipe system and is reused with every cycle of air conditioning. Unless there is a leak within the copper pipe system, refrigerant is unlikely to be the cause of home illness.

The duct system can contaminate the air supply.

The duct system of the central air system is responsible for transporting conditioned air from the furnace to various parts of the home. Ducts run throughout the house with the majority of it being stored in the attic where air is hot, dirty and old.

If leaks and holes accumulate or if the initial installation was faulty, contaminants from outside the duct system can enter the air stream and pollute the home air supply, introducing a host of allergens and bacteria.

Filters and air cleaners eliminate airborne contaminants.

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Filters are the first line of defense in straining out irritating airborne particles and pathogens that affect indoor air quality and home comfort.

When air filters are left dirty, dust and dirt accumulate within the central air system, particularly in and around the evaporator coils. The evaporator coils are crucial for the air conditioning process as the actual heat transfer takes place during this step.

Blockage around coils stunts the air conditioning process. Instead of treating air hot or cool as the indoor air supply passes through, air collects pieces of dirt off the coils. This leads to poor air conditioning, lower indoor air quality, greater energy expenditure and a shorter system lifespan.

Elevating Indoor Air Quality

For homeowners with sensitive respiratory responses such as allergies, additional air care initiatives are available.

The level of air filtration needed and recommended is different for every home and family and is best left to the discretion of your preferred HVAC contractor. The most practical method to protect your air is through power filters and performance air cleaners, which eliminate up to 99.9 percent of airborne particles and pathogens from the air. These indoor air quality products are designed by technology from NASA, highly adaptable to your current air system and require minimal maintenance.

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