Does My Air Conditioner Reduce Humidity?

Most people find that humid air is both uncomfortable and bothersome. For those asking, yes your air conditioner reduces humidity. The entire process of air conditioning reduces humidity which adds to home comfort during hot humid days.

How It Works

Air conditioning relies on a heat transfer process in which refrigerant pumping through the evaporator coil plays an important role.

When your home’s warm indoor air is taken through the air conditioning system to be cooled, it passes over the evaporator coil located above the furnace.

The evaporator coil is filled with activated refrigerant, keeping the coils cold.

As your indoor air supply passes over the evaporator coil, your air is cooled by way of heat transfer. During this time, condensation takes place, removing moisture from the air, making it drier and cooler.

Why Humidity Levels of Indoor Air Are Important

When the air inside of your home is too dry or too moist, it not only noticeably affects your comfort but also your health and the furnishings inside of your home.

Excessively dry air can cause irritated noses and throats and dry out skin. House plants wither and painted furniture peel and crack. Moldings detach and even musical instruments sound off-key.

On the other hand, when indoor air is too humid, it’s a perfect climate for bacteria to multiply and a chance for microbiological growth. For people sensitive to allergens, this becomes a perpetual bother.

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What to Do When Air Is Too Dry

There are occasions when the air you’re getting is too dry. This may be particular to where you live, ventilation or the air conditioning itself. Regardless, a popular method of restoring moisture back into the air through air conditioning is with a humidifier.

Several homes choose a small unit humidifier to restore moisture back into dry air, just enough for a single room or area. Other homes opt for a central humidifier which attaches to your AC system and moisturizes conditioned air for the entire house.

A central humidifier is connected to both the central air system and the plumbing. This means you do not have to replenish its water supply, making it a simpler choice.

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