Why Does my Air Conditioner Need Refrigerant?

What Is Refrigerant?

Refrigerant is a gas that is more commonly known by brand names such as Puron. Every central air system needs refrigerant for proper air conditioning. It is responsible for kick-starting the heating and cooling process. Without refrigerant, air cannot be conditioned to any temperature. If you’re wondering why does my air conditioner need refrigerant, read on!

How Central Air Conditioning System Works

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The refrigerant cycle starts at the compressor where refrigerant is compressed to a high pressure hot gas. The compressor is inside the condenser. This hot, high pressure gas then enters the condensing coil and is cooled down causing the gas to become a high pressure liquid. The high pressure liquid is pumped into the homes evaporator coil. The high pressure liquid passes through a metering device and becomes a low pressure liquid. When the refrigerant pressure drops it becomes very cold.

When the cold air from your home passes over the very cold coil it transfers its heat to the refrigerant causing only cold air left to enter the home. As the liquid refrigerant absorbs the heat from the air it changes into a cold gas. This cold gas refrigerant then returns to the compressor where it cools it down and starts the process all over again.

Why would an AC system be low on refrigerant?

Because the central air system is a closed system, refrigerant levels should never lessen. When your HVAC contractor first installs your air conditioner and sets its initial charge, it should last as long as the system does.

If you detect that refrigerant levels are falling, there are two reasons why that may be. First, through regular system maintenance, the air conditioner experiences the loss of small amounts of refrigerant due to handling and care. However, what is lost should be replaced with each maintenance visit. Second, there can be a leak through one of the several coils and tubes.

If you do detect a leak, call your HVAC technician immediately to stop the gas from contaminating your air supply.

These leaks can happen at whatever point the refrigerant travels.

These points include:

  • The compressor
  • The tubes and coils through which the compressed refrigerant is delivered
  • The evaporator coils
  • The valve through which refrigerant is refilled

Any of these points may experience leaks and holes simply from age and wear. To properly mend these leaks and to ensure that refrigerant does not harm the air supply of your home, have your preferred HVAC technician visit for necessary repairs.

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