Air Conditioner Filters

What’s in our home air? What is indoor air quality and why does it matter for our home comfort? What does home air have to do with air conditioner filters and air conditioning?

These are all questions that have impactful answers.

Home air is often dirtier than outdoor air. Indoor air can be up to 100 times dirtier and more polluted than outdoor air. Indoor air quality, or IAQ, refers to the healthiness and cleanliness of the air inside our homes. Indoor air quality is responsible for our health and comfort. In other words, poor indoor air quality affects respiratory wellness, causes allergies, asthma and other discomfort.

In addition, indoor air full of particles and pollutants costs homeowners more money. What’s in your home air and how much is it costing you?

Air Conditioner Filters Remove 50 Percent of All Airborne Particles

There are so many different types of particles floating around inside home air. These include:

  • Pet dander
  • Fecal matter
  • Microbiological growth
  • Insects
  • Dust, mites
  • Organic waste
  • Pollen, allergens
  • Vapors, gasses, odors
  • Fibers, lint
  • Bacteria

All of these particles result from indoor activity as well as waste tracked in from outside. Paint on the walls, carpeting and furniture also affects indoor air quality.

The most effective method of improving indoor air quality is to remove the source of pollutants. This can include:

  • Keeping the home clean
  • Using eco-friendly paints and cleaning solutions
  • Installing proper ventilation
  • Replacing household fabrics with hypoallergenic alternatives

Unfortunately, this isn’t always practical. Thankfully, every time homeowners run the furnace, air conditioner filters capture up to 50 percent of all airborne particles. The more often homeowners use their central air system, the more air conditioner filters clean the air of these germs and particles.

Air Conditioner Filters Reduce Energy Spending by 15 Percent

Apart from hurting indoor air quality and home comfort, dirty home air also affects energy efficiency.

Air conditioner filters are very efficient at removing particles from regular airflow. However, when air conditioner filters grow full, it creates a solid wall.

Airflow can no longer pass through air conditioner filters are freely as before. As a result, less air makes it through air conditioner filters while the system exerts the same amount of energy for cooling. With less air to cool for the same amount of energy spending, homeowners receive less cooling on the same dime.

This is why it is important for homeowners to clean and replace air conditioner filters. Using clean air conditioner filters shaves energy costs by 15 percent.

Air Conditioner Filters Keep Your Furnace Clean Too

In addition to protecting indoor air quality and minimizing energy spending, air conditioner filters also keep your furnace and air conditioner clean.

All the particles that skip through air conditioner filters also pass through the furnace with heating and cooling cycles. When the interior of the instruments gather buildup over time, repairs become necessary. This is another important reason why homeowners are encouraged to always use clean air conditioner filters.

Healthy air conditioner filters prevent technical issues like:

  • Burnt or stalled motors
  • Sticky fire exchangers
  • Grimy flame sensors
  • Microbiological growth
  • Frozen evaporator coils
  • Dislodged wires and fans

HVAC repairs range greatly in price, and they are something homeowners always want to prevent when possible. The simplest way to do that is with clean air conditioner filters.

Some Tips to Remember with Air Conditioner Filters

Air conditioner filters help prevent expensive repairs, additional energy spending and indoor air pollution.

To maximize the benefits of using healthy air conditioner filters, homeowners should change them every few months. It is very easy to do, and can be accomplished without the help of HVAC contractors.

However, homeowners may want to consult their specialists to determine what specific air conditioner filters are best for their home and lifestyle goals. HVAC technology today has created so many wonderful options that there are air conditioner filters available for every need and home goal.

It is important for homeowners to remember than when they change air conditioner filters, they must:

  • Turn off the heating and air conditioning system
  • Use common sense for hygiene and safety
  • Install correctly sized air conditioner filters
  • Properly dispose of the old air conditioner filters

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