5 Ways Air Filters Save Your Home

Heating contractors usually find that homeowners do a fair job caring for the air filters in their furnaces and air conditioners. This is good news because air filters do so much for the central air system, home and air. The benefits far outweigh the cost of buying air filters.

Air Filters Save Money from Wasteful Air Conditioning and Heating

Air filters play a key role in maintaining energy efficiency. Homeowners who operate their HVAC systems on dirty or old air filters pay much more for the same air conditioning and heating. On average, homeowners pay up to 15 percent more on HVAC when using dirty air filters.

When air filters are dirty and full, airflow cannot fully make it to into the furnace. As a result, the system fires up ready to heat or cool a certain amount of air. But, because that amount is smaller than expected, the system can resort to other behaviors.

This includes:

  • Overheating
  • Freezing
  • Shutting down

All of these options cause high energy spending and decreased home comfort. When the system shuts down from dirty air filters, homeowners face a service call.

Switch out dirty air filters every few months to avoid emergency service calls and to protect heating and air conditioning from wasted energy.

Air Filters Protect the Heating and Air System Parts

HVAC contractors encourage changing dirty air filters because it protects the heating system. It is a very important reason.

Homeowners need to consider the costs of operating their heating and air system.

Service costs are what homeowners work to avoid. However, using dirty air filters does not help with the problem. In fact, dirty air filters contribute to high service costs, high energy spending, poor indoor air quality and low home comfort.

Instead, keep the HVAC system healthy to keep the home healthy and save money. Invest in good air filters that protect the furnace and air conditioner.

Homeowners are encouraged to replace their air filters every few months. The exact frequency depends on the individual lifestyle of each home.  Homeowners should play around to see just how often they should replace air filters for optimal home comfort and savings.

By using clean and strong air filters, homeowners protect their HVAC systems from expensive repairs and permanent damages. They also avoid the worst of heating and air conditioning repairs like:

  • Sticky fire exchangers
  • Clogged condensate lines
  • Frozen evaporator coils
  • Burnt motors and wires
  • Microbiological growth

With clean air filters, homeowners minimize the risk of dirty and impure home air from their heaters and air conditioners.

Air Filters Clean the Air of Harmful Pathogens

Another important reason why homeowners should care about air filters is because they protect home air from harmful pathogens.

Particles and bacteria like dust mites, microbiological growths, gasses and bothersome allergens accumulate over time. Air filters play a vital role in purifying home air.

Homeowners may need to adjust the number of times they change the air filters according to how many sources are in the home and the current quality of indoor air.

Homeowners should factor in:

  • Recent paint or varnish work
  • Recent construction
  • Pets
  • Heavy cooking

Homeowners should also understand that air filters only work so long as the heater or air conditioner run. It is the only way that indoor air cycles through air filters.

Air Filters Regulate Airflow and Performance Consistency

As mentioned earlier, the central air system is designed to treat a certain load of indoor air per cycle. In other words, every time homeowners turn on the thermostat for heating, the furnace fires up to deliver a very measured heat transfer.

However, when the furnace works on dirty or old air filters, airflow is restricted. The amount of air that makes it through the furnace is reduced. As a result, there is too much heat for not enough air. This causes the furnace to overheat and other issues, too.

Using clean and healthy air filters helps maintain this balance. Why is this balanced heat transfer important?

Imagine turning on the fireplace to full flame just to throw in one skinny log. It’s not an efficient use of energy and there isn’t enough heat generated to offset the cost. In the same way, dirty air filters stop airflow from moving in and out of the system.

Air Filters Improve Heating and Air Conditioning Quality

What else can homeowners expect for using clean and strong air filters?

  • Homeowners avoid heating and air conditioning repairs
  • Homeowners have clean and healthy indoor air
  • Homeowners enjoy consistent and accurate heating and air conditioning
  • The central air system lasts longer and better

In short, homeowners can count on their central air to deliver the air conditioning and heating they want when they use the furnace with clean air filters. They can also cut down on the risk of expensive repairs and damages.

Overall, homeowners have a better home with improved air and comfort. Fortunately, air filters are quite simple to clean and replace. In addition, considering all their benefits, air filters cost just a fraction of the service call costs they prevent.

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