A Clean Sweep

Service Champion technician Debbie saw that the owners of this La Habra Heights home could use an extra hand.

The husband was very nice, but also very busy running his business and answering phone calls. And the wife was still recovering from foot surgery. With the swelling and the stitches, she was barely able to move around yet.

So when Debbie saw that the kitchen floor had dog hairs all over it, she found a broom and got down to business. With the two big Labs at this house shedding their winter coats, it didn’t take long for hair to get everywhere!

Debbie did this deed quietly. She figured with the wife in pain on the couch, and the husband busy with his business, she wouldn’t make a fuss.

“I just wanted to do something nice for them without making a big deal out of it,” Debbie said.

Debbie that’s the spirit of ‘Good Deeds For Free’… keep up the great work!

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