With Your A C Broken, Keep Cool

With the A C broken, the heat load inside the home may increase, causing discomfort among other inconveniences. Though there are a variety of reasons why your central air is temporarily unavailable, there are also a number of unique and resourceful methods to use to keep calm and cool.

Before you begin, contact your A C contractor and schedule an appointment. He or she can more accurately determine what ails the A C system and provide the fix it needs.

Block Heat from Entering through Windows and Doors

Whether it is warm or cold, outside temperatures easily creep into the home through windows, doors and other crevices. Especially with the A C broken, windows become a huge entry point for heat.

It is in your best interest to keep these windows and doors tightly closed. If there are significant gaps, seal them with whatever you may have on hand. Curtains, drapes and blinds create physical barriers that limit or completely block sunlight and heat from entering the home.

If you can’t find a way to block or reduce heat, stay away from windows and doors.

Reduce Heat, Big and Small

Turn off the lights and avoid using appliances such as:

  1. Stoves, ovens and toasters
  2. Washers, dryers and dishwashers
  3. Televisions for prolonged periods of time
  4. Hot water baths and showers

Each of these contributes to the rising temperature inside the home. Reducing usage or turning them off entirely helps avoid the accumulation of heat unnecessary with the A C broken.

Learn How Your Ceiling Fan Works

Many people overlook the ceiling fan, but with the A C broken, it’s the perfect time to learn just how useful it can be. The ceiling fan is still one of of the most accessible methods to cooling off.

Before turning it on, be sure to clean the blades of dust that has collected on top.  While you’re up there cleaning, you will also locate a small switch that dictates the direction of the blade spin.

When you want cool air, turn on the ceiling fan to rotate counter clockwise (as you look up at it). Hot air rises, which is why the bottom half of the room will be cooler. The counter clockwise rotation of the blade pulls cool air from the bottom then shoots it back down.

For maximum cooling effect, turn off the lights attached to the ceiling fan and stand somewhere directly beneath the air stream.

Consider A C Maintenance as Preventative Care

With the right technician, A C maintenance provides high quality preventative care so you don’t have another A C broken or, worse, any permanent damages.

At Service Champions, we serve homes with our 26-Point Air Conditioning Precision Tune-Up, which delivers a thorough inspection, cleaning and maintenance so that the A C system performs efficiently and reliably.

To schedule your appointment for top care or learn more about our AC maintenance service, contact one of our friendly representatives.