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A/C Not Working? Fix It To Your Expectations

A/C Not Working? Fix It To Your Expectations
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A/C Not Working? Fix It To Your Expectations
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A/C Not Working? Fix It To Your Expectations

A/C Not Working? Fix It To Your Expectations

A/C Not Working?

If you find the A/C not working, there can be plenty of reasons why. Though the reason may vary, one problem is almost always connected to another. Seek help from your preferred HVAC specialist for the technical assistance necessary to provide high quality solutions.

A C Not Working 1 - A/C Not Working? Fix It To Your Expectations

A/C Not Working in House at All

When the air conditioning does not turn on at all, chances are that safety switch has been flipped. Several different situations can trip the switch, which prevents the A/C system from turning on at all. These situations include:

  • Power surges
  • Faulty wirework
  • Heat overloads
  • Shorted Motors

Even a dirty central air system will contribute to your A/C not working. You can attempt to reset the circuit breaker but if you find yourself coming to this quick fix more than once, more harm is done than good.

Your HVAC specialist will find the exact source of the issue and provide it the permanent care it needs for reliable A/C service.

A/C Not Working to Cool Home

If the A/C system has been on for a while but the house doesn’t feel much cooler, it may not be an issue with the A/C system as much as it is an issue with the way you use it.

If there are too many heat sources inside the home, no matter how long or hard your A/C system works, it will never feel cool enough.

Try to eliminate heat sources like stoves and ovens, dishwashers, washers and dryers and large TV screens. You can also help block heat from entering the home by closing doors and covering windows with blinds or drapes.

Be sure to check the thermostat and ensure that it is set at a temperature you want. Often, it is not set at what we remember last. Lastly, open the registers of the air ducts in each room to help direct ample airflow.

If nothing helps, there may be a more serious condition with the condenser unit that only your HVAC specialist can fix.

A/C Not Working to Produce Cold Air

If the air conditioning system works but the air coming out does not feel cool, suspect a problem within the condenser unit’s refrigerant.

Refrigerant is what is necessary to cool air. Though leaks are not common, they can contribute to poorly conditioned air. Tears in the air ducts may also cause cooled air to warm up again as it travels from the air conditioner to the house.

ac repair2 - A/C Not Working? Fix It To Your Expectations

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Call your HVAC technician. Refrigerant must be handled responsibly and the air duct system demands special care.

Superior A/C Service with Service Champions

Service Champions technicians are among the most highly trained and experienced HVAC specialists in Orange and Los Angeles Counties. Technicians spend 150 hours each year learning the new methods to superior HVAC so that homes never have to have another A/C not working.

To give your central air and home the care they deserve, contact one of our friendly representatives in our call center or schedule a visit online.

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