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Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning in Chino has been the first pick for homeowners when it comes to heating and cooling. Families of Southern California trust Service Champions to bring top services and products to treat their central air conditioning because we’re experts in our field. We understand that every home and family requires a unique HVAC system designed specifically for your home.

Your central air system is a powerful tool in cleaning the air inside of your home. Most people do not know that the air outside is often cleaner than the air inside of their homes. Unfortunately, this creates issues for many Chino families because the air in Chino is more contaminated than average. Our technicians want to advance your furnace and air conditioner instruments from simply providing conditioned air to purifying the air you breathe as well.

Give us a call today to optimize your central air system. Our customer service representatives are ready and waiting to take your call. Read more to see what makes Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning in Chino different from all other HVAC contractors.

Specialized Heating And Cooling Care

When our team of technicians arrives at your home, you will meet the most qualified HVAC contractors in Southern California. Your Service Champions technicians take careful measures to protect and respect your home, so you don’t have to worry about damages or inconveniences.

The needs of each home are individualized, that’s why Service Champions supplies all different forms and types of service. Our technicians want to work with you to make your experience a memorable one – one that is personalized and beneficial to your home and family. Service Champions has a diverse line of energy-efficient and space-saving furnaces and air conditioners. Even after you choose a model you can add different unique features to meet specific needs and desires.

Before your service technicians even step foot inside your home, we always cover our boots in shoe covers. Upon entering your home, we cover all work areas with a protective plastic covering. This catches all fall-out and debris that result from the installation process. After the job is complete, all these covers are collected and your floors are entirely scratch-free.

5 Questions Chino Homeowners Should Ask Before Hiring An HVAC Company

We are very selective about who we hire. All our technicians are comprehensively vetted and back-ground checked – and we still won’t hire someone unless they have the friendly attitude we are looking for.

Aside from the initial training – which is an intense 8-10 hour training course, we require all our technicians to train for 150 hours PER YEAR, to keep up with industry developments.

We have EIGHT written guarantees – to ensure your absolute peace of mind. Read about them here.

There’s an easy way to do that,  just look up our Google Reviews – we have thousands of 5 star reviews!

Excellence Is The Hallmark Of Service Champions

Here’s how:

  • Fully stocked vehicles
  • Rock solid guarantees 
  • No pricing games 
  • World’s Friendliest Technicians

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