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Jurupa Valley Air Conditioning & Heating

Air conditioning Service in Jurupa Valley

Heating and air conditioning in Jurupa Valley has been a priority to Service Champions HVAC technicians. Our technicians want every Jurupa Valley home to have clean indoor air to breathe and a healthy furnace and air conditioner that provide the home comfort desired.

Maintenance Technician 169x300 - Jurupa Valley Air Conditioning & HeatingService Champions is the best fit for Jurupa Valley HVAC service because our teams lead in Jurupa Valley heating repairs, AC repairs, furnace installations and air conditioner installations.

Our technicians train for 150 hours each year in our private training facility. Here, they learn the latest in HVAC technology so they are prepared to care for your home central air system with the most advanced methods available.

All specialists have passed drug tests and background checks and are identifiable in their Service Champions uniform. For your added protection, you receive an e-mail containing the photo IDs of your technicians prior to their arrival.

We provide an accurate timetable and upfront pricing,  so there are no unexpected delays or fees. Service Champions is the best choice for HVAC in Jurupa Valley because of our superior customer service and expert technical care. When it comes to air conditioning repairs Jurupa Valley can do no better than Service Champions.

Jurupa Valley AC Tune-Ups for Heating and Cooling

Air conditioner maintenance in Jurupa Valley is especially important to keep your central air system clean and reliable. When your furnace or air conditioner runs continuously without any proper care, it accumulates conditions that hurt its longevity and productivity.

  1. Dirty drip pans and evaporator coils cause microbiological growth.
  2. Refrigerant leaks contribute to low quality air conditioning.
  3. Old or torn wirework and motors hinder dependable performance.
  4. Unchanged filters allow poor indoor air quality.

As the most trusted HVAC contractors in Jurupa Valley, Service Champions recommend AC maintenance twice a year to avoid costly problems.


Jurupa Valley Furnace Care with Precision Tune-Ups

Service Champions has always cared for Jurupa Valley furnaces with our 18-Point Furnace Precision Tune-Up. Our furnace tune-up covers 18 crucial points for evaluation, working to restore health, efficiency, cleanliness and proficiency. It is a simple way of preparing your home furnace for a new season of responsible heating.

Jurupa Valley air conditioners that receive our 26-Point Air Conditioning Precision Tune-Up are ready to fulfill their new potential. Jurupa Valley air conditioner tune-ups contain twenty-six points of inspection in order to bring the best air conditioning your central air system can provide.

All Jurupa Valley AC maintenance calls come with our Peace of Mind Guarantee, promising you 100 percent satisfaction.

Jurupa Valley Furnace Repairs and AC Repairs

Your team is made of HVAC experts, which is why no one can provide Jurupa Valley air conditioner repairs like Service Champions can. Apart from a perfect furnace repair, you can depend on your Service Champions technician to:

  1. Respect your home and your time. Our technicians arrive on schedule, leave on schedule and keep workspace clean.
  2. Communicate with you about what is being done to your central air system, demonstrating with photographs and repair parts.
  3. Repair all heating and air conditioning systems.

Service Champions technicians also ensure to fulfill your appointment by arriving in fully stocked trucks. This allows them to make impromptu Jurupa Valley furnace repairs without the need of a second visit.

Outstanding Jurupa Valley Furnaces and Air Conditioners

Service Champions is fortunate to offer Jurupa Valley homes with the best gas furnaces and air conditioners available in the HVAC industry. Whether you want to repair a portion of your air conditioner, elevate indoor air quality or build a new central air system, your Service Champions HVAC technicians find exactly what you need for what you want.

Jurupa Valley Air Conditioning Installations and Heating Installations  

The most important day of your central air system is the day it is installed. The Jurupa Valley AC installation process is designed to protect the value of your home and new central air system, combined with the undivided attention of Service Champions experts.

Once your team arrives, the work area is covered in drop cloth to protect the floors from fallout that may happen during your Jurupa Valley furnace installation.

Your Jurupa Valley air conditioner installation includes a condenser pad, an elevated platform onto which the condenser unit is fitted. This lifts the condenser unit off the ground, keeping it safe from ground-level harm.

Stain Control and Noise Reduction

When Service Champions provides heating installations in Jurupa Valley, our technicians establish safeguards to prepare for changes that come with an aging furnace.

No matter where your furnace is to be installed, your technicians lay out a durable metal sheet to guard the floor, protecting it from scathing should the furnace be moved. It also collects residues that accumulate naturally with long-term furnace use.

Service Champions also insulates the surrounding walls of your furnace closet or alcove. The insulation acts as a noise-cancelling mechanism, stopping noise from entering your home. This becomes concern as the furnace acquires age, as older furnaces tend to be noisier.

Jurupa Valley’s Choice for Alternative Air

For homes searching for a different method to heating and cooling, our technicians suggest the heat pump split system. It is an electric method to Jurupa Valley heating and air conditioning that provides that same benefits as a gas furnace. Your favorite technicians install it in your home and you can enjoy the immediate benefits of a heat pump split system.

Clean Air Quality in Jurupa Valley

Proper Jurupa Valley AC service includes setting goals for better air. Our specialists encourage all homeowners to elevate the indoor air quality of their homes.

Your Service Champions technicians can help choose the right air cleaners and super filters for your home and central air system. These are most practical and effective ways achieving pure and healthy air to breathe every single day.

To learn more about our approach to superior air care, contact one of our friendly representatives in our call center or book an appointment online today.