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Westminster Air Conditioning Repair & Heating Services – HVAC

The Standard Air Quality by Service Champions

Our homes should be a place of safety and comfort. But what families don’t realize is that the very air they breathe inside their homes is contaminated with allergens, dust, mold and bacteria. Oftentimes, the air outside is much cleaner than the air we breathe inside of our homes. That’s why Service Champions works for families to bring them clean, pure air starting with the quality performance of the central air system.

Your furnace and air conditioner play a huge role in filtering indoor air. The technicians at Service Champions work to make the most of your furnace and air conditioning to bring you the home comfort for your family through clean, breathable air.

Westminster Air Conditioning Installation and Furnace Installation

Service Champions Aliso Viejo HVAC technician 213x300 5 - Westminster Air Conditioning Repair & Heating Services – HVACIf it’s time for a new air conditioner/furnace, Service Champions has a great selection to consider. Each unit is energy-efficient, space-saving and customizable to meet your qualifications. The highly-trained and specialized technicians of Service Champions will deliver an installation beyond compare through expert technical care, attention to detail and superior customer service.

Extra Care For Your Home

Air Conditioner Repair in La Palma 17 - Westminster Air Conditioning Repair & Heating Services – HVAC

When your Service Champions team arrives to your doorstep with your new furnace or air conditioner, they cover their boots in shoe covers before entering your home. This is to prevent tracking in dirt or soiling your home flooring. Any floor areas inside of the house where the technicians work are also covered in protective plastic covers to catch debris or fall-out that occurs during the installation process.

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In your backyard, before your condenser is fitted, a condenser pad is mounted securely onto the ground. This provides a safe and designated area for the condenser, keeping it organized from other backyard furniture. It also keeps the unit from ground-level harm whether that is rain or other inferences.

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The closet or space where the furnace is to be installed is first carpeted with a metal sheet to prevent permanent staining of the closet floor that may result during the lifespan of furnace use.

These are just a few details that makes us different from our competition.

After the installation

When your Service Champions technicians complete the installation successfully, all garbage including your old air conditioner or furnace is loaded onto their van. It is carried away for proper disposal and recycling. This eliminates any extra work for you after your team leaves.

Ray Susan Handshake Leftside.1 300x201 14 - Westminster Air Conditioning Repair & Heating Services – HVACService Champions wants to take the hassle out of heating and air conditioning installations. When you choose to work with us, you receive up-front pricing and a time-table. This way, you know exactly when your technicians will be done working and face no surprise fees or costs.

Our technicians are proud professionals and eager to help families in the communities of Westminster. Feel free to voice any special requests around your home, enlisting in the aid of your technicians while you have them over.

Gas or Electric Furnace?

If your home is in a neighborhood that does not allow traditional gas furnaces, Service Champions offers an alternative. Heat pump split systems are installed for these homes and function by way of electricity and refrigerant. They are a safe and popular gas-free alternative to heating homes.

Families of Westminster Count on Service Champions

TechTraining0 191 300x201 7 - Westminster Air Conditioning Repair & Heating Services – HVACThe teams of Service Champions work around the clock to meet the needs and concerns of families all across Southern California. In order to do this, our technicians and specialists train annually for 150 hours in our own private training facility.

They master new techniques and HVAC technology in order to better equip themselves to find solution to problematic central air systems. No matter the make or model of your furnace or air conditioner, our technicians are confident in their ability to repair or replace what’s needed to bring your furnace back to working order.

Before Service Champions technicians can service homes, they pass drug tests and background checks. For your added security, before your technicians arrive to your home, you receive an e-mail containing their photo IDs, so you know exactly who to expect.

Westminster AC Repair and Furnace Repair

Your furnace and air conditioner is one big system that depends on each small part to function well in order to produce the air you want inside your home. When you get subpar indoor air quality, it can be a result of just one single part needing attention. Service Champions technicians know the importance of every part of your central air system.

Ray801 300x225 17 - Westminster Air Conditioning Repair & Heating Services – HVACService Champions technicians respect a repair as much as a full-service installation. If your furnace or air conditioner is in need of a repair don’t wait any longer. Have your Westminster Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning technician visit for an evaluation. After a diagnosis, your technician can suggest practical solutions to restore your furnace’s performance.

Having regularly scheduled AC maintenance for your Westminster home means you have an expert looking after your central air system all year long. When you have Service Champions caring after your furnace or air conditioner, problems are solved before they even occur, so you and your family can breathe happy every single day. Read about our Peace of Mind Guarantee.

What Makes us Different?

As the only Diamond Certified Orange County heating and air conditioning provider, we trust in our products and services. Our teams also are diligent to bring each home the best that can come from heating and air conditioning through excellent customer service and professional repairs and installations.

Zoning Control System 300x201 - Westminster Air Conditioning Repair & Heating Services – HVACElevate the indoor air quality of your home. Schedule a meeting with one of our home comfort advisors. Here, you have the choice to make your furnace not just create cold or hot air, but bring you precisely what your household needs: air that has been cleaned free of allergens, dust, mold and bacteria. With power filters and air cleaners, your central air system can eliminate up to 99.9 percent of airborne particles hindering the health of those inside the house.

Discover the way Service Champions repairs air in Westminster. We encourage you to visit our clients’ testimonials page to learn what homes of Southern California think about us.

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