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Torrance Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVAC

Torrance Air Conditioning Repair by Service Champions

Scheduling your next air conditioning tune-up is simple when you call Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning. Our friendly service representatives are always ready to take your call. We have helped thousands of families with their heating and air conditioning problems and have never failed to provide a practical solution.

Your air conditioner and furnace work for your home comfort. Regular AC maintenance contributes to a healthy central air system, prevents major repairs and saves on utility costs. It is an easy way to enjoy perfect air conditioning and with the help of air purifiers, you can breathe clean air, free of irritating airborne particles.

Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance for Torrance

Filters AC Tune Up in Hawaiian Gardens 263x300 10 - Torrance Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVAC

Clean Filter vs. Dirty Filter

Central air systems lacking maintenance display similar problems. Common problems that affect performance and air quality such as:

  • Low quality air conditioning due to insufficient refrigerant levels.
  • Low air quality from dirty filters.
  • System shut-down from burnt motors or faulty electrical wiring.
  • Microbiological growth resulted from flooded drip pans.

Each of these problems can be fixed with the attention of a preferred HVAC contractor. Before these conditions grow worse, be sure to schedule an AC maintenance with your Service Champions representative to prevent further costly repairs or replacements.

Microbiological Growth Hawaiian Gardens e1433857538290 4 - Torrance Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVAC

Microbiological Growth

26-Point Air Conditioning Precision Tune-Up

Air Conditioning Maintenance11 300x268 20 - Torrance Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVACIn order to help Torrance families achieve excellent air conditioning, we have two maintenance programs aimed to restore performance quality, health and sanitation. Our 26-Point Air Conditioning Precision Tune-Up covers 26 points necessary to ensure proper function and cleanliness. To read all 26 points, click here.

Anaheim Hills Airflow technician 189x300 7 - Torrance Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVACWe have learned through experience that up to half of all repairs and replacements can be avoided with Torrance’s air conditioning and furnace maintenance program.

In addition, the 18-Point Furnace Precision Tune-Up we offer works to keep the furnace in prime condition to suit your needs all year round. Both programs come with Peace of Mind Guarantees and are sure to have your central air system in its best shape possible.

Torrance Heating Repairs and AC Repairs

Ray Susan Handshake Leftside.1 300x201 14 - Torrance Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVACAll Torrance AC repairs and heating repairs are important to us. Providing exceptional customer service during our maintenance call is equally vital. When you schedule your next Torrance air conditioning repair with us you can expect:

  • Timely arrival. We also pull shoe covers over our boots before entering the home to prevent tracking in dirt from outside.Service Champions Aliso Viejo HVAC technician 213x300 5 - Torrance Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVAC
  • No second appointments. All our technicians’ trucks are stocked with equipment prepared for any repair.
  • Upfront Pricing. There are no surprise fees or delays because we present the costs and time needed before we get to work.
  • Successful repairs. We repair all air conditioning and heating systems.

If we find an additional problem during your maintenance call, we provide honest and practical solutions and absolutely no pressure.

The Standard of Champions

Anaheim Hills Service Champions Training Room 300x201 6 - Torrance Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVACService Champions is the only Los Angeles County Diamond Certified heating and air conditioning provider.

Technicians of Service Champions train annually for 150 hours in our own private facility. We master new techniques and technology. Through hands-on training, we perfect technical service so that when we treat your central air system, it is being handled with the most advanced methods available in the HVAC industry.

Aaron Air Conditioning - Torrance Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVACAll of our specialists pass drug tests and background checks prior to ever entering or servicing your home. For your added security, we send an e-mail containing the photo IDs of your technicians prior to your scheduled appointment so you know who to expect at the door. These are our promises to you. We guarantee a smooth, personal experience with your Service Champions technician.

Torrance Air Conditioning Installations and Heating Installations

Air Conditioning Condensers 300x300 - Torrance Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVACWe offer a painless experience in choosing a new central air system. Our lean selection of furnaces and air conditioners simplify your choice because each one we provide is energy-efficient, space-saving and buildable.

We install compatible central air systems to fit your lifestyle and your home. When you know what you want out of your central air system, we work to build one that you can depend on day after day.

Our Installations Protect Your Home and Central Air System

Air Conditioner Repair in La Palma 300x169 9 - Torrance Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVACTo ensure proper installation and equipment protection, we incorporate several additional steps to Torrance furnace installations and air conditioning installations.

AC Installation in Hawaiian Gardens 218x300 4 - Torrance Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVACFirst, when we enter your home, the floor areas where we work are covered with protective sheets. The covering collects all debris that accumulates during the installation process and makes for easy clean-up.

Second, all installations that require attic access have protective layering surrounding the entry point. All precautions are taken to maintain the integrity of your home.

Third, Torrance AC installations include a condenser pad which is an elevated platform onto which the condenser is fitted. It is a crucial step in protecting the condenser from ground-level harm like yard waste and floodwaters.

Noise Reduction

Furnace Closet Insulation in Stanton 200x300 15 - Torrance Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVACAll Torrance air conditioning installations and heating installations are packaged with special additions that maximize your home comfort level.

Before installing your furnace into its secured location, we insert a metal sheet mat for your heating installations. Whether your furnace is kept in a furnace closet inside of the home or in an alcove of the garage, the metal sheet mat protects your home floors from scathing and staining that naturally collects during the lifespan of furnace use.

Full Furnace Installation in Hawaiian Gardens 300x300 2 - Torrance Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVACLastly, because it is normal for the furnace to generate a fair amount of noise while in use, we insulate the surrounding walls of where your furnace is located. The insulation functions as a noise-cancelling device, adding to home comfort.

We make sure that you are always comfortable in your own home. Our technicians never leave your home unless you are 100 percent satisfied with our visit.

A Different Way to Heat Your Home

Anaheim Hills Gas Furnace Alternative 159x300 19 - Torrance Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVAC

Air Handler

Your home may be in a location of Torrance that does not allow the use of traditional gas furnaces. For these homes, we recommend the heat pump split system which is a popular and safe alternative. This system is a electrical method of heating and cooling homes. It is composed of two parts: a heat pump and an air handler. We install both pieces on-site.

Once the heating and air conditioning installation is completed to your satisfaction, we collect all old materials and sweep work areas into order. Old materials are loaded onto our van and carried away for proper disposal and recycling. There is no post-installation clean-up for you to do.

Quality Air in Your Home

Air Conditioning Heating Service Champions 300x201 - Torrance Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVACA central air system performing in peak condition brings any home a great amount of home comfort. Air purification or cleaning systems are recommended in order to elevate indoor air quality.

We use a blend of enhanced filters and air cleaners that attach conveniently to your existing central air system. Every time you turn on the air conditioning, it conditions the air while cleaning it. The result is clean and healthy air, free of airborne irritants and particles.

To learn more about these indoor air quality products, click here.

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