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Monrovia Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVAC

Monrovia Air Conditioning Services

Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning technicians in Monrovia are always on call for any issues regarding your central air conditioning. We offer exceptional customer service and superior technical care each time we are servicing your home.

Every maintenance call is geared towards restoring the health and performance of your heating and air conditioning system. Our tune-up and repair services are professional and reliable. By calling Service Champions, you are choosing to elevate your indoor air quality and choosing to breathe clean, fresh air.

Our technicians work diligently to provide your home with the best air available. Give us a call today and experience the difference. Read more to see how Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning in Monrovia differs from all other HVAC companies.

Monrovia Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance11 300x268 20 - Monrovia Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVACNo matter how small the repair, we respect the service job as much as a full-service installation. Monrovia heating and air conditioning repairs are important to us because they contribute to your overall air conditioning and air quality. Even quick and simple fixes such as changing out dirty filters or refilling refrigerant is an important choice as a responsible homeowner.



Monrovia Fried Capacitor 224x300 5 - Monrovia Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVAC

Fried Capacitor

Many air conditioning units our technicians come across often share the same issues:

  • Low refrigerant levels are linked with poorly conditioned air.
  • Microbiological growth originating from flooded drip pans.
  • Dirty filters result in polluted air flow.
  • Burnt motors and faulty electric wiring results in a system-wide shut-down.

When you care for your central air conditioning, you are caring for your health. Regular maintenance can prevent those costly repairs down the road.

Precision Heating and Air Conditioning Tune-ups for Monrovia

Anaheim Hills Airflow technician 189x300 7 - Monrovia Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVACThe easiest way to care for your central air system is through our Monrovia air conditioning and heating maintenance programs. We offer an 18-Point Furnace Precision Tune-up and a 26-Point Air Conditioning Precision Tune-up.

These programs are specially designed to have a Service Champions specialist oversee your heating and air conditioning all year long so you can enjoy perfect air without concern or worry. Along with many other benefits you receive, we remind you when your next tune-up or maintenance should be when you sign up to become a club member.

A tune-up resolves issues before they become a hassle to you and your family members. To the right, is a photograph of a clogged blower wheel which is a common issue for households with pets in the home. The blower wheel is located in your furnace which moves the air (hot or cold) through your central air system.

Foothill Ranch Clogged Blower Wheel e1433857633171 8 - Monrovia Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVAC

Clogged Blower Wheel – Before

Leave your central air system in the hands of a trained professional and not to chance. We take care of all issues concerning your air conditioning to allow you to enjoy your central heating and air conditioning to its maximum efficiency. You can see the results of a tune-up performed by a Service Champions technician here to the upper left.

Foothill Ranch Cleaned Blower Wheel1 4 - Monrovia Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVAC

Clean Blower Wheel – After

Quality Heating and Air Conditioning Repairs in Your Monrovia Home

Service Champions Aliso Viejo HVAC technician 213x300 5 - Monrovia Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVACWhen you call Service Champions for your heating and air conditioning needs, you are also choosing quality service and commitment every time. Our promise to you is that we always provide:

  • Prompt arrival to your home within the service time.
  • Protection to your home floors by wearing shoe covers before we enter the door.
  • Fully stocked trucks prepared for any repairs on the spot.
  • Upfront pricing and a thorough explanation of what we will be working on before we even begin.
  • Superior service by never leaving your home unless you are 100 percent satisfied.

Service Champions Means High Quality Service

TechTraining0 191 12 - Monrovia Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVAC

By consistently delivering exceptional service and high quality products, we have earned the trust and loyalty of thousands of homes in Southern California. We work hard to be Monrovia’s top choice as an HVAC contractor.

Aaron Air Conditioning - Monrovia Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVACAs HVAC experts, we train for 150 hours every single year in our own training facility. During this time, we learn new technology and methods developing inside the heating and air conditioning industry. This way you know that when we come to service your central air system, we’re treating it in the most advanced and efficient manner possible.

Before servicing your home, all technicians pass drug tests and background checks. For your added security, you receive an email before your scheduled appointment. This email contains the photo IDs of your technicians so you know who to expect at your door.

Monrovia Heating and Air Conditioning Installations

Corona Del Mar AC Condensers e1433696337405 3 - Monrovia Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVACService Champions provides a large variety of air conditioners all streamlined for energy-efficiency and power. Every system is customizable to your home and specific needs while retaining its optimal performance abilities.

Full-service Monrovia heating installations are completed with absolute care and attention. Your furnace can be found in three different locations: the attic, in an alcove in the garage, or inside your home in a closet. Regardless of location, all of our installations come with the same amount of quality and dedication.


By consistently providing excellent service, we have earned the trust and loyalty of Monrovia families. We aim to provide a honest, professional and reliable heating and air conditioning service. Take a look at our Peace of Mind Guarantees and see for yourself.

Air Conditioning Repair Anaheim Hills Service Champions 3 - Monrovia Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVAC

Installation Process Customized to Protect Your Home

Our air conditioning technicians incorporate special steps to every installation in order to maintain the quality of your home.

Corona Del Mar Air Conditioner Repair 11 - Monrovia Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVAC

Before the installation process even begins, our technicians completely cover the floor areas we encounter with protective layering which catches any debris or fall-out that may occur during your installation.

Next, we add protective covering to attic entry points for services to your attic furnace or if you have ductwork that needs to be done.

La Palma Air Conditioning Installation 300x2001 9 - Monrovia Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVAC

Additionally, all Monrovia air conditioning installations require a condenser pad. The elevated platform is mounted securely onto the ground before we install the condenser on top of it. This method protects the condenser from ground level harm while keeping it neatly organized from your other backyard furniture and activities.

Expert Care for Your Monrovia Home

Furnace closet insulation Anaheim Hills 224x300 3 - Monrovia Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVACWhether your furnace is located in a furnace closet or in the garage in an alcove, we lay out a metal sheet onto the bottom layer of the furnace installation. With the metal sheet underneath the furnace, it’s purpose is to defend the original flooring from scathing or residue that accumulates naturally during the lifespan of furnace use. This application is completely free to provide you with a well conditioned unit.

Another application your Service Champions technician will complete to your furnace installation is insulation. We insulate all surrounding walls of the alcove or closet where your furnace is located. The insulation diminishes noise that is produced from the furnace while the central air system is in use.

All of these steps are absolutely free and part of your Service Champions experience. Your daily home comfort level should never be a nuisance, but a guarantee.

We do what we can to provide the best quality and care for your home at any stage of the installation process.

Monrovia Installation for Furnace Closet 1 - Monrovia Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVAC

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Heat Pumps Split System for Gas-free Homes

Air Handler in Rosemead 159x300 - Monrovia Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVAC

Air Handler

Monrovia homeowners have tough decisions to make in ensuring the best quality air is provided to their families regardless of the circumstances. If your home is among those of Monrovia that are not allowed traditional gas furnaces, we offer an excellent alternative. The heat pump split system is a system that runs on electricity and the refrigeration process.

The heat pump split system consists of the heat pump and the air handler, both of which we install on site. The heat pump replaces the condenser outside while the air handler replaces the furnace.

We highly recommend this as an alternative if you desire a gas-free method to heating and cooling your Monrovia home.

Rest Assured in Your Monrovia Home

Ray Andrea Kids AC 1.3 300x201 24 - Monrovia Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVACAs the only Diamond Certified Los Angeles County heating and air conditioning provider, we pride ourselves in the work we do for your home.

Monrovia heating repairs and air conditioning maintenance are key steps in achieving healthy, clean air. Your central air system should always be performing to its maximum potential. That is why we are here to service you all year long.

Air Conditioning Indoor Air Quality - Monrovia Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVACTo effectively clean and purify the air you breathe, we recommend an intelligent blend of super filters and air cleaners. It has been proven to be the most effective and practical method of air cleaning. Super filters such as the BioGuard and performance air cleaners such as AirScrubber Plus successfully eliminate up to 99.9 percent of airborne particles and pathogens like harmful gasses and vapors. Read more about the filters and cleaners we offer here.


Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning has provided the purest air for thousands of homes in Southern California. Monrovia homes are always taken care of. We encourage you to visit our clients’ testimonials page for first-hand accounts of our services.

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