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Hacienda Heights Air Conditioning & Heating – HVAC

Hacienda Heights Air Conditioning Repair & Heating

Finding a gas furnace that you like can be hard. What can save space, clean your air and give you exactly what you want for your family? With the selection of air conditioners and gas furnaces that Service Champions offers, making that choice is simpler. Our efficient furnaces provide customized performances to fit the needs of your home, save energy and space and are buildable to do exactly what you want it to.

The best part of choosing to work with Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning is that is comes with the absolute best customer service and expert technicians Southern California has to offer.

Why Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning?

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Ray at clients door.

When your Service Champions technicians arrive to install your new air conditioner or furnace, before they get to work, they take measure to protect your home from any kind of work-related harm. Before entering your home, our technicians wear shoe covers to prevent soiling your floors and their work area is lined with protective covers to catch debris and stains that would otherwise damage your home.

With full-service installations, your condenser outside is fitted atop a condenser pad which sits elevated from the ground. This protects your condenser from any ground-level damage. Likewise, your furnace closet is first lined with a metal mat before fixing the furnace on top of it. This, again, prevents any stains that build up over time to ruin your furnace closet floor or garage floor wherever your furnace is installed.

After your new air conditioning system is fully installed, your Service Champions technicians load all garbage, including the old furnace system, onto their van and carried away for proper recycling. All protective linings are removed and work areas are swept to order. You may even find it in better condition than when your technicians first came!

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Hacienda Heights Air Conditioning Installation

Our technicians are eager to help with anything you need so feel free to ask for any additional assistance. In the past, our specialists have walked dogs, unloaded groceries and even removed unwanted shrubs. Here at Service Champions, everyone believes that true customer service extends beyond a paid job.

Hacienda Heights heating and air conditioning installations are completed in a professional and timely manner. You receive up-front pricing and a time-table so there are no surprise fees or delays with what you need from us.

What Makes our Technicians Different?

Ray Andrea Kids AC 1.3 300x201 24 - Hacienda Heights Air Conditioning & Heating – HVACThrough countless years of serving the families of Hacienda Heights, Service Champions has come to gain the trust of the people, never failing to provide exactly what they desire from a superior HVAC contractor. Our expert technicians work as certified professionals, delivering the absolute best in both technical care and customer service. They work with honesty and integrity, doing whatever needs to be done to keep your central air system working for as long as it can.

All of our technicians who visit your home has been educated in our very own training facility and completes a mandatory 150 hours of training annually. During this training process, they learn new methods and developments in the HVAC industry so your central air system always gets the best treatment. Additionally, each technician must pass drug tests and background checks before working. For your added security, an email with a picture of your technician will be sent to your email address so you know exactly who to expect.

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Our Training Facility

These steps have ensured the very best. Our technicians are respectful, courteous and knowledgeable, passionate about their work and in bringing you complete satisfaction.

Hacienda Heights Furnace Repair and AC Repair

Condenser Training 300x201 16 - Hacienda Heights Air Conditioning & Heating – HVACSmall repairs can play a huge role in upgrading the performance of your furnace and the air quality of your home. That’s why Service Champions treats small repairs with the same level of respect as a full-service installation.

If you feel that your furnace or air conditioner is under-performing, our technicians can perform an honest evaluation of your furnace and how to make it better. With regularly scheduled AC maintenance, you have the convenience of having an expert monitoring your furnace at all times.

The HVAC Contractors Hacienda Heights Trusts

Service Champions is the only Diamond Certified heating and air conditioning service provider in Southern California. With highly trained professionals passionate about their work and community, everyday, our technicians take what’s ordinary and make it extraordinary. We invite you to visit our client testimonials page.

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