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Duarte Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVAC

Service Champions Brings to Duarte Quality Air

Thousands of Southern California families have already trusted air quality to Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning. Duarte homes can now breathe easy with a reliable central air conditioning system working all year long.

You can choose to perfect your home air quality with Service Champions. Did you know that its common to actually have a lower indoor air quality than what is found outside. Low indoor air ventilation makes the perfect breeding ground for airborne pathogens like bacteria, microbiological growth, allergens and pollen to travel throughout your home. However, this issue can be resolved with additional filters and air cleaners that we carry.

Service Champions technicians have been expertly trained to perform any necessary services to your home central air system.

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We are the top HVAC contractor in Los Angeles County for a reason, continue reading to see how we differ from other contractors in the industry.

The Service Champions Contract

Ray Susan Handshake Leftside.1 300x201 14 - Duarte Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVACWe will always deliver to you the highest customer service and expertise in the field. We work diligently to provide you all year long service and quality air for you and your families to share daily.

Service Champions Aliso Viejo HVAC technician 213x300 5 - Duarte Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVACWe arrive to your home on time and ready to work. All of our technicians wear protective footwear prior to entering your home. This simple extra step prevents dirt from being tracked into your home and maintains the cleanliness of your home.

Duarte air conditioning technicians also take the time to completely cover all floor areas we work on. This means that your home flooring remains safe from fall-out and debris during the installation process.

Air Conditioner Repair in La Palma 300x169 9 - Duarte Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVACIf you have any ductwork or a furnace located in the attic, any surrounding areas to the attic access point will also be covered with a protective layer. You never have to worry about cleaning up because our technicians will leave your home in the same, if not better condition than when we arrived.

Duarte Air Conditioning Installations

Air Conditioning Condensers 300x300 - Duarte Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVACHeating and air conditioning provided by Service Champions is a cut above the average HVAC contractor. Our technicians supply not only excellent customer service and expert technical care, but we also know how to respect you and your home.

Choosing a new air conditioner for your home does not need to be difficult. Our specialists make it easy by only offering the best units the HVAC technology has to provide. Each air conditioner is energy-efficient, yet powerful, so you get the performance you need for your home. The greatest advantage to choosing Service Champions is the exceptional customer service and expert technical care that comes with it.

Condenser Pad 300x200 5 - Duarte Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVACFull-service air conditioning installations involve a condenser pad, provided by Service Champions. The condenser pad is an elevated platform onto which the air conditioning condenser is fitted. Usually, this component is situated somewhere in the backyard. The condenser pad is mounted securely onto the ground in an organized fashion. It keeps the condenser away from ground-level harm and also tucked away from other backyard furniture.

Reliable Duarte Heating

Furnace Garage in Duarte 300x168 2 - Duarte Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVAC

Before & after photograph of a garage furnace installation

In order to get the best out of your new central heating system, proper measures need to be taken. Duarte heating installations are treated with the same level of care as air conditioning installations. Furnaces can be located in three different places within the home: the attic, the garage, or in a closet. The photograph to the top right displays before and after comparison of our services on a garage unit installation.

Furnace Closet Installation La Palma 224x300 11 - Duarte Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVACWhether your furnace is kept inside in the furnace closet or a separate alcove in the garage, a metal mat is laid out onto the ground. The mat is a buffer that catches all residues and staining that accumulates naturally during the lifespan of furnace use.

An example of this metal mat is shown in the photograph to the left. After the mat is completely installed, we then fit the furnace inside.

Furnace Installation Anaheim Hills1 300x186 8 - Duarte Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVAC

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Another completely free of charge application we incorporate into our furnace installations is the insulation process. All of the walls of the furnace closet or alcove are lined in insulation which helps eliminate noise produced when the central air system is running. This increases your home comfort for you and your family and friends to enjoy.

Gas-Free Heating and Cooling for Duarte Homes

Anaheim Hills Gas Furnace Alternative 159x300 19 - Duarte Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVAC

Air Handler

For homes in Duarte that are not allowed traditional gas furnaces or prefer an alternative, Service Champions recommends the heat pump split system. This is a heating and cooling system composed of the heat pump and the air handler. It works to take hot air out of your home and replaces it with cold air and vice versa.

The heat pump replaces the condenser while the air handler replaces the furnace. The entire system functions on electricity and the refrigeration process. The heat pump split system is a popular and safe alternative method of heating and cooling your home.

Service Champions technicians strive to make your experience with heating and air conditioning one that is enjoyable and productive. With upfront pricing and a scheduled time-table, there are no surprise fees or unexpected delays.

Perfecting Your Duarte Home

La Palma Helping Hand 224x300 224x300 8 - Duarte Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVACOn top of your HVAC services or installations, if you have other concerns regarding your home, feel free to ask your Service Champions technicians while we are out in your home.

We never leave your home unless you are 100 percent satisfied with our visit. We encourage you to visit our clients’ testimonials page for first-hand accounts of past clients who have chosen Service Champions for their air.

Orange County Air Conditioning Repair 300x201 1 - Duarte Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVACWhether you have questions regarding you central air system or simply have some household chores, our technicians will gladly assist you in anything. We take pride in being Duarte’s top choice as an HVAC contractor.

Our technicians believe that true customer service extends beyond a paid job. No request is too big or too small to ask and you will find your technician available to help out with whatever you need.

Our Promise to You

Condenser Training 300x201 16 - Duarte Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVACOur technicians strive to provide high quality air for every home. Whether it’s through a new furnace installation, a small repair or special treatments and cleanings, every visit is an opportunity to raise your level of home comfort and air purity.

Service Champions technicians train for 150 hours each year in our own private training facility. We learn of new technology so the service you get from us is always the most advanced. We provide the most updated methods of treating HVAC units so you can stay comfortable all year.

Aaron Air Conditioning - Duarte Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVACOur technicians also pass drug tests and background checks before servicing your home. Additionally, for your protection and prior to your scheduled appointment, you receive an e-mail containing the photo IDs of the technicians visiting. You will know exactly who you’re having over from Service Champions each and every time.

Duarte AC Repairs and Heating Repairs

Ray801 300x225 17 - Duarte Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVACRoutine maintenance and repairs on your Duarte heating and air conditioning systems are crucial to maintaining the health of your central air system. Your furnace and air conditioner works hard to condition air so it’s important to take care of it.

Technician with Safety Glasses Maintenance 200x300 2 - Duarte Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVACIf you find your central air system in need of attention, call your Duarte Service Champions specialist to visit for a check-up. A thorough diagnosis yields an honest report of problems and practical ways to restore the performance of your central air system back to optimal levels.

Duarte heating repairs and AC repairs are treated with the same level of respect as any full-service installation. Our technicians want to hear your concerns about your furnace or air conditioner and provide a way to repair and restore what’s missing.

Anaheim Hills Airflow technician 189x300 7 - Duarte Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVACThe simplest and most convenient method of caring for your central air system is through our Duarte AC maintenance program. We suggest a bi-annual maintenance schedule that preserves the performance of your central air conditioning. Being in the program means you have a professional monitoring your central air system all year long; you can enjoy perfectly conditioned air without a worry or concern.

Service Champions Has the Best for Duarte

Ray Andrea Kids AC 1.3 300x201 24 - Duarte Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVACEach time our technician visits a home in Duarte, we add another satisfied family to the thousands we’ve already serviced. With excellent customer service, superior technical care and genuine concern for air quality, Service Champions has earned the trust of thousands of families across Southern California.

Protecting the air you breathe inside of your home is a choice that is available with Service Champions. Our technicians have worked with families to purify the air breathed in. Harmful gasses and vapors invisible to the eye and pathogens such as microbiological growth, allergens and bacteria float around the home, affecting the ones who breathe it in.

Air Conditioning Indoor Air Quality - Duarte Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVACService Champions has the most practical and accessible method of wiping out up to 99.9 percent of these airborne pathogens and particles. By using the means of your central air system along with super filters and performance air cleaners, you can experience healthy, safe and clean air each day you come home. Read more about this cleansing process here.

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