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Bell Gardens Air Conditioning, Repair, Heating & HVAC

Bell Gardens Air Conditioning by Service Champions

Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning is the number one choice HVAC contractor for Bell Gardens homes. We lead in heating and air conditioning repairs, maintenance, tune-ups, sales and installations. Because we provide exceptional customer service and expert technical care with each visit, you can trust that your choice with us is the best choice of all.
Van and Transit Alhambra 300x257 5 - Bell Gardens Air Conditioning, Repair, Heating & HVACWith upfront pricing and a scheduled timetable there are never any surprise fees or delays.

We provide a prompt, courteous and professional service from Bell Gardens air conditioning repairs to full-service installations.

Bell Gardens AC Maintenance for Heating and Cooling

Air Conditioning Maintenance11 22 - Bell Gardens Air Conditioning, Repair, Heating & HVAC

Bell Gardens AC maintenance program takes care of keeping your furnace and air conditioner in great shape. Many prolonged problems stem from lack of attention and care:

  • Low refrigerant levels result in poor air conditioning.Filters AC Tune Up in Hawaiian Gardens 263x300 10 - Bell Gardens Air Conditioning, Repair, Heating & HVAC
  • Dirty filters fail to strain airborne particles from airflow.
  • Faulty electrical wiring and burned motors trip system shut down.
  • Dirty evaporator coils and drip pans cause microbiological growth.

It is best to keep a routine maintenance schedule and have your preferred Service Champions HVAC contractor visit for a tune-up twice a year in between major seasons. Regular Bell Gardens AC maintenance prevents costly repairs and replacements and saves you time and money in the long run.

Bell Gardens Furnace Care with Precision Tune-Ups

Gas Leak Test in Bell Gardens 300x225 2 - Bell Gardens Air Conditioning, Repair, Heating & HVAC

Gas Leak Test

Service Champions technicians keep Bell Gardens air conditioners in top performance condition with our 26-Point Air Conditioning Precision Tune-Up and Professional Cleaning. A thorough checklist details 26 essential points in restoring your air conditioner’s sanitation, performance quality and health.

Furnace Tuneup in Dana Point 300x225 2 - Bell Gardens Air Conditioning, Repair, Heating & HVACOur 18-Point Furnace Precision Tune-Up and Professional Cleaning prepares your furnace for a new season of reliable heating.

Every tune-up by Service Champions is supported with our Peace of Mind Guarantee that promises your satisfaction 100 percent.

Bell Gardens Heating Repairs and AC Repairs

Technician Arriving to Home in Trabuco Canyon 300x194 6 - Bell Gardens Air Conditioning, Repair, Heating & HVACWe are happy to visit your home and bring you exceptional air care. Whether it is a Bell Gardens furnace repair or an installation, you can always expect consistently superior customer service:

  • Before entering your home, we cover our boots in shoe covers.Technician Explaining to Client in Dana Point 300x192 4 - Bell Gardens Air Conditioning, Repair, Heating & HVAC
  • We explain what we will do, how much time it will take and how much the work will cost before starting the job.
  • We repair all heating and air conditioning systems.

For Bell Gardens AC repairs and heating repairs, we arrive in fully stocked trucks. In the event we encounter unexpected problems, we can make the fix on the same day of the visit, so no second appointment is necessary.

Bell Gardens Air Conditioning Installations and Heating Installations

Furnace Options in Midway City 300x156 4 - Bell Gardens Air Conditioning, Repair, Heating & HVACService Champions offers an incredible line of long-lasting and high performance furnaces and air conditioners. Each unit we support is energy-efficient and buildable so we can help make it meet the needs of your home lifestyle.

The best part of choosing a furnace and air conditioner with us is the installation process that comes with it.

Bell Gardens Installations by Service Champions

TAir Conditioning Condensers 300x300 - Bell Gardens Air Conditioning, Repair, Heating & HVAChe most important day of your central air system is the day it is installed. Proper Bell Gardens AC installation adds years of service from your central air system.

That is why Service Champions technicians have an advanced method of installations for Bell Gardens homes. We work with keeping your future home comfort in mind.

The condenser unit is an invaluable part of your central air system. In order to protect it, we install a condenser pad, an elevated platform onto which the condenser is fitted. It keeps the condenser from ground level harm such as flood-waters and yard waste.

Noise Reduction and Stain Control

Furnace Closet Insulation in Stanton 200x300 15 - Bell Gardens Air Conditioning, Repair, Heating & HVACAny part of your Bell Gardens heating installation that takes place inside of your home is done so with great care. We cover indoor floor areas with drop cloths to capture fall out and debris during the installation process.

We also slide in a metal mat onto the floor of the furnace closet or alcove before fitting the furnace inside. The metal mat guards your home from staining or residue that naturally accumulates over the lifespan of furnace use.

Additionally, since your furnace will be a part of your home for many years to come, we anticipate changes that come with the aging process. The most noticeable change will be the amount of noise it produces.

In order to prepare for this, we insulate the surrounding walls of the furnace. The insulation acts as a noise-cancelling device, muting as much noise as possible before it can reach inside, disrupting home comfort.

Bell Gardens’ Choice for Alternative Air

Anaheim Hills Gas Furnace Alternative 159x300 19 - Bell Gardens Air Conditioning, Repair, Heating & HVAC

Air Handler

If your home is in a part of Bell Gardens that does not allow traditional gas furnaces, we suggest the heat pump split system. It is an alternative heating and cooling system composed of the heat pumps and the air handler.

This system runs on electricity and the refrigeration process and produces the same benefits of immediate heating and air conditioning as a traditional furnace.

Your technician arrives to your home to install this alternative heating and cooling system for you while meeting all city codes.

Expect the Best

Anaheim Hills Service Champions Training Room 300x201 6 - Bell Gardens Air Conditioning, Repair, Heating & HVAC Service Champions technicians spend 150 hours annually training in our own private training facility. We learn and master new techniques and technology in the HVAC industry, which guarantees that we handle your central air system with the most intelligent and advanced methods available.


Aaron Air Conditioning - Bell Gardens Air Conditioning, Repair, Heating & HVACAll team members pass drug tests and background checks to maximize your home safety.

We send you an e-mail with the photo IDs of your technicians prior to their arrival so you have the comfort of knowing who to expect at your doorway.

The Outstanding Standard of Service Champions

Air Conditioning Heating Service Champions 300x201 - Bell Gardens Air Conditioning, Repair, Heating & HVACWhen you are completely satisfied with your Bell Gardens air conditioning installation, repair or maintenance, we load all old materials onto the truck for proper disposal and recycling. We never leave a mess behind in your own home.

Bioguard Powered Filter Alhambra 200x300 3 - Bell Gardens Air Conditioning, Repair, Heating & HVAC

Bioguard Powered Filter

Your Bell Gardens Service Champions technicians can also help with your air care goals. We advocate for clean and healthy indoor air. Using a combination of super filters and performance air cleaners can eliminate up to 99.9 percent of airborne particles and pathogens, purifying the air you breathe. Most of it can be done as attachments to your central air system so no added effort or time is necessary for high indoor air quality.

To learn more about our approach to Bell Gardens air care or our services in heating and air conditioning, contact one of our friendly representatives in the call center or book an appointment online.