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Altadena Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVAC

Superior Altadena Air Conditioning by Service Champions

Altadena homes and families depend on Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning for superior air care. As California’s top HVAC contractor, we lead in heating and air conditioning repairs, tune-ups, maintenances and installations. Though we are known for our exceptional specialists, we outperform and excel in customer care and appreciation.

There are never surprise fees or delays because we provide upfront pricing and a scheduled timetable. Altadena AC repairs, maintenance and installations are our priority and fulfilled with precise, professional and courteous service.

Altadena AC Maintenance for Heating and Cooling

Air Conditioning Maintenance11 300x268 20 - Altadena Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVACAltadena AC maintenance by Service Champions is designed to prolong lifespan and protect performance quality. Maintenance is recommended twice a year to prevent costly repairs and replacements. Central air systems lacking maintenance display similar conditions, which include:

  • Poor air conditioning due to low refrigerant levels.

    Monrovia Fried Capacitor 224x300 5 - Altadena Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVAC

    Fried Capacitor

  • Low indoor air quality from dirty filters.
  • Microbiological growth caused by stagnant water from dirty drip pans.
  • System shut-down tripped by faulty wiring or burnt motors.

Your preferred Service Champions HVAC contractor fixes these problems and stops them from growing worse in one visit. We make Altadena AC maintenance especially easy to do with our two predesigned programs made for Altadena homes.

Altadena Furnace & AC Care with Precision Tune-Ups

Anaheim Hills Airflow technician 189x300 7 - Altadena Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVACOur approach to Altadena air conditioning care is through our 26-Point Air Conditioning Precision Tune-Up, a thorough examination of all parts of the air conditioner.

From the thermostat to the condenser unit, each part is inspected by a trained eye to detect underlying problems in order to restore your central air system’s health, sanitation, safety and performance quality.

Technician with Safety Glasses Maintenance 200x300 2 - Altadena Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVACwe also have the 18-Point Furnace Precision Tune-Up which holds your furnace to high standards. Your technician prepares your furnace to deliver strong, reliable and consistent heating for the season when you need it most.

All tune-ups come with our Peace of Mind Guarantee, which promises your 100 percent satisfaction. Our technicians do not leave your home unless you are satisfied with our visit.

Altadena Heating Repairs and AC Repairs

Technician with shoe covers in Hawaiian Gardens home1 205x300 4 - Altadena Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVACOur technicians treat every visit with the utmost respect and professionalism, whether it’s an Altadena air conditioning repair or full-service installation. As a part of delivering an exceptional service visit, our technicians will always:

  • Cover work boots with shoe covers before entering your home.Technician Explaining to Client in Dana Point 300x192 4 - Altadena Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVAC
  • Communicate what we will do, how long it will take and how much it will cost before starting any work.
  • Answer any questions you may have regarding your central air system.
  • Repair all heating and air conditioning systems.

For your added convenience our teams arrive in fully stocked trucks, allowing for impromptu Altadena furnace repairs. No secondary appointments are needed, saving you time and money.

Altadena Air Conditioners and Furnaces of Choice

Furnace Options in Midway City 300x156 4 - Altadena Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVACOur selection of furnaces and air conditioners only include energy-efficient, long lasting units that deliver high quality air conditioning.

Service Champions technicians work with you to build your central air system to suit the needs of your home and family so the furnace you get is the furnace that works perfectly for you.

Altadena Air Conditioning Installations and Heating Installations

Corona Del Mar Air Conditioner Repair 300x169 5 - Altadena Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVACThe most important day of your central air system is the day it is installed. A proper Altadena air conditioning installation adds years of use to your central air system. That’s why Service Champions technicians have upgraded the standard practice to ensure perfection from the first day you use your new central air system.

Whenever we work inside of your home, the floors are covered in drop cloth to protect the floors from fallout that occurs during the installation process.

AC Installation in Hawaiian Gardens 218x300 4 - Altadena Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVACOur approach for Altadena AC installation includes a condenser pad to protect one of the most crucial components of the air conditioning process. The condenser pad is an elevated platform onto which we fit the condenser.

This elevated protection system protects the condenser from ground level harm such as floodwaters and yard waste, which can damage performance and function.

Stain Control and Noise Reduction

Furnace Closet Insulation in Stanton 200x300 15 - Altadena Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVACAll Service Champions Altadena heating installations are installed in preparation for the future. Before installing your furnace inside of the furnace closet or alcove, we slide in a metal mat.

This metal sheet guards the floor from residue or stains that naturally accumulate over the lifespan of the furnace use. What this sheet does is create a barrier between the furnace floor and the residue.

Furnace Installation in Altadena 300x205 1 - Altadena Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVACOne of the first signs of furnace aging is the amount of noise it produces, which can disturb your home comfort.

In preparation, we insulate the surrounding walls of the furnace. The insulation acts as a noise-cancelling device, absorbing as much sound as possible before it can reach inside of your home.

Our Promise to You

Aliso Viejo Furnace Training 300x201 2 - Altadena Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVACOur technicians consistently deliver high quality technical care.

Our technicians train every year for 150 hours in our private training facilities, where new techniques and technology are mastered through a hands-on approach. By the time our technicians come to your home, we are masters and professionals of the most up-to-date technology, ensuring proper technical service.

Aaron Air Conditioning - Altadena Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVACAll of our members pass drug tests and background checks. For your additional security, we send an e-mail containing the photo IDs of your technicians prior to their arrival.

You will know exactly who will be arriving at your doorstep so you can feel assurance when you open the door to your personal Service Champions specialist.

Altadena’s Choice for Alternative Air

Foothill Ranch Gas Furnace Alternative 159x300 159x300 4 - Altadena Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVAC

Air Handler

If your home does not allow traditional gas furnaces, we suggest the heat pumps split system. It is an electric method to heating and air conditioning that provides the same benefits of a gas furnace.

The heat pump split system is composed of the heat pump and the air handler, which your Service Champions technician will install for you at home.

Displayed here to the right is the air handler, which typically sits inside of your home in a closet.

The Outstanding Standard of Service Champions

When your Altadena furnace repair, maintenance or installation is completed to your total satisfaction, we collect and load all old materials onto our truck for proper disposal and recycling. We never leave a mess behind in your own home.

Ray Andrea Kids AC 1.3 300x201 24 - Altadena Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVACService Champions team members share concern for Altadena indoor air quality and encourage all families and homeowners to take steps towards cleaner home air. Our method is practical enough for any home to use.

Air cleaners and power filters conveniently attach to your central air system and purifies your home air while conditioning it. Airborne pathogens and particles are wiped out of the air, leaving clean, healthy and pure air to breathe in the comfort of your home.

To learn more about our method to air care or other heating and air conditioning services, contact one of our friendly representatives in our call center or book an appointment online at your convenience.