Why is my Furnace and Air Conditioning Making Weird Noises?

Central air systems house many complex mechanical components inside of the furnace and air conditioner. There are multiple motors, shafts, cages, wheels and coils that work together in order to produce the air conditioning that both heats and cools your home.

When you notice your central air system making strange or unusual noises, it generally stems from one or more of these pieces becoming loose, undone or worn down whether through natural aging or enduring physical force.

The Anatomy of Your Central Air System

Contrary to popular belief, the furnace is crucial for both heating and cooling air.  The furnace contains two distinct motors. The inducer draft motor is responsible for clearing the furnace of residual gas and air from the previous air conditioning cycle. The blower motor is a major fan used to pull, direct and distribute air throughout the central air system.  Every time the furnace or air conditioner runs, these two motors move and spin, along with the many parts of the apparatus.

With every cycle through seasons of air conditioning, screws unwind and pieces within the system are dislodged or loosened, resulting in noises such as rattles and clicks. If your air conditioner or furnace has gone without professional care for some time, service parts in need of attention attribute to these unusual noises.

Most of these discomforting noises can be prevented by regular AC maintenance if caught and treated early enough.

Prevention and Care Through Regular Maintenance

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Homeowners are encouraged by HVAC contractors to be proactive and call their preferred HVAC technicians before the condition of the furnace or air conditioner grows worse. Regular AC maintenance is the best care available for your central air system and the most practical method of avoiding costly repairs and replacements.

Though some of the noise your furnace or air conditioner creates most likely does not affect the quality of air conditioning and only disrupts home comfort, any unusual noise indicates a greater underlying problem already beyond repair.

Regular AC and furnace maintenance keeps your home central air system in its best shape, allowing it to perform at full capacity, maximize efficiency and last for as long as possible. Maintenance is especially important for air conditioning care because some pieces of the central air system cannot be repaired after damage such as the compressor.

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