Whole House Attic Fan

Improves Home Cooling and Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is great. We use it almost every day of the year, especially when the weather outside is too much to bear. Air conditioning allows us to stay comfortable and safe, but it can cost quite a bit. While there are plenty of things we can do as homeowners to improve energy efficiency, sometimes it still isn’t enough. Some homeowners just endure an overheated home, refusing to use the air conditioner altogether. Fortunately, you do not have to be one of these homeowners.

While there are several steps homeowners can take to reduce the cost of air conditioning, there is one big solution available right now. The whole house attic fan is a very practical solution to combat air conditioning costs.

What kind of benefits can you expect?

  • Huge energy savings
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Better home comfort
  • Peace of mind

The whole house attic fan changes the way you cool the home. This unique method to air conditioning is so efficient and cost-effective that you’ll save up to 90 percent off your energy bill.

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What a Whole House Attic Fan Does

The whole house attic is a very large fan that is installed in the attic. One end of the fan attaches to the vent of one portion of the house. The other end of the fan connects to the attic vent. The whole house attic fan works to pull cool air from outdoors, moving cool air in and forcing hot air up through the whole house fan. As the hot air passes through the air duct of the whole house fan, it exits through the attic vent, leaving the home.

In doing so, the attic fan removes unwanted heat from inside the home and replaces it with cool air from outside. In order to do this, homeowners must open select windows and doors when using the whole house attic fan.

Because the attic fan pulls cool air from outdoors, outdoor temperature must be lower than indoor temperature. Generally, nighttime is significantly cooler, so utilizing the whole house fan at this time works very well.

The best part of having a fan is that it requires almost no maintenance on your part. And, you can choose whether or not, or when, to use it.

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How the Whole House Attic Fan Reduces Energy Costs

What’s the best part about using an attic fan? You may not need the air conditioner at all. Whole house attic fans are that effective at cooling. Additionally, whole house attic fans require only 10 percent of the energy the air conditioner needs to cool the home.

Why is the fan so effective as cooling? Because it physically removes heat from the home, it does not have to work to cool hot air. Instead, it replaces hot air with cool air.

In the case that the whole house attic fan does not cool the home to your desired temperature, just flip on the air conditioner. You’ll still save on energy costs since most of the heat inside the home has been displaced. This means there is less heat to cool for the air conditioner, reducing energy expenditure overall.

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How the Whole House Attic Fan Improves Home Comfort

While both the air conditioner and the whole house attic fan work well to cool the home, the fan has one unique advantage for modern homeowners. The whole house attic fan not only cools efficiently, but also ventilates the home, elevating indoor air quality.

Indoor air quality is very important to health, productivity and home comfort. Low indoor air quality affects:

  • Quality of life
  • Asthma and allergy symptoms
  • Productivity
  • Safety
  • Peace of mind
  • Energy costs

How does indoor air quality improve with the whole house attic fan? Indoor air is between five and 100 times dirtier than outdoor air. There are thousands of different particles and germs polluting the air inside of our homes. Unfortunately, we spend most of our time inside, which means we breathe in these pollutants more often than not.

When we utilize the whole house attic fan, indoor air is pushed out and outdoor air is pulled in. This means that the pollutants inside also leave the home and are instead replaced with cleaner and fresher air from outside. Many homes lack this type of ventilation, which is why owners suffer from low indoor air quality, dirty equipment and even higher energy bills.

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How to Improve Energy Efficiency with the Whole House Attic Fan

What is the absolute best way to cool your home and save on energy costs and time? Insulate the home. Utilize the whole house fan. Use the air conditioner last.

Insulating the home is very important for homeowners concerned about energy efficiency and spending costs. Full home insulation stops air conditioning from leaving the home, keeping it trapped inside so that you can enjoy every bit of it. On the other hand, leaks and tears around the home, from the attic all the way to the floors, cause all sorts of losses. Basically, air conditioning leaves the house faster than you can feel it. When this happens, the air conditioner must work longer and harder to continually replace cooling.

Instead, insulate the home. Then use the whole house attic fan for cooling. If that isn’t enough, only then utilize the air conditioner.

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