What Every Homeowner Should Know About Their Home Air Conditioner

Exceptional air conditioning is integral to our home comfort. Our technicians share the top five things every homeowner should know about their home air conditioner.

The Air Conditioner Has Two Components

The condenser unit is the box outside the house responsible for compressing refrigerant to start the cooling process. The second part of the air conditioner includes the evaporator coils that sits on top of the furnace.

Dirty Filters Can Cause Adverse Effects

When the air filter becomes packed with particles, it becomes ineffective as a filter. Airborne particles bypass the filter and collect over the evaporator coils.

The buildup around the coils block the heat transfer from properly taking place. This results in poor air conditioning and places a greater strain on your air conditioner.

In some cases, the evaporator coils freeze over and require special maintenance by your HVAC technician.

Refrigerant Cannot Run Out

Refrigerant is kept in two sealed pipes that connect between the condenser unit and the evaporator coils. It does not need to be refilled because it is reused and constantly circulated. If you or your preferred HVAC contractor detects that the refrigerant level is low, it is due to a leak that needs to be investigated.

Avoid the Heat Load from Getting Too High

Thermostat What Every Homeowner Should Know

Particularly in the warmer months, the indoor temperature can easily surpass 80 degrees. If you are gone from the house for the majority of the day, then return to an 85 degree home, the air conditioner works twice as hard in order to lower the temperature to your comfort level. This leads to greater energy expenditure, equipment damage and a waste of time.

Instead, leave your thermostat on at 78 degrees. While you are out, the system will turn on and off a couple times, but will sufficiently keep the heat load inside of the home at a manageable level.

Do Not Clean Your Duct System

Several HVAC contractors offer low prices on duct cleaning. Unfortunately, there is no true way of cleaning the ducts. For residential application, the types of cleaning available can do more harm than good.

A more practical way to achieve duct hygiene is through proper sealing. Have your preferred HVAC technician evaluate your duct system to ensure that all the joints are properly sealed. Faulty sealing results in poor indoor air quality as contaminants from the attic enter the air stream through leaks and cracks.

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