What Do Central Air Filters Do?

The health of your home air and central air system depends on the filter you use. Not only do air filters work to remove particles from the air stream, but they also protect the equipment itself from irreparable damage.

Airborne Particles Inside the House

Invisible to the naked eye, millions of tiny particles like dust, pollen, gasses and vapors float around the air inside our homes. Unfortunately, we breathe all of this in each day.

At the start of air conditioning, indoor air supply is pulled in through the return grill. The air stream passes through the filter where particles are removed from the supply then continues on to the heat transfer.

A dirty filter needs to be replaced or indoor air quality will fail.

What Happens Inside Your Home

The evaporator coils are inside a large box situated on top of your furnace. The coils contain compressed refrigerant, growing cold. As filtered air passes over the cold coils, a heat transfer occurs resulting in condensation. Cooled air then continues through the ducts and empties into the house.

When the filter is old, air passes through with all of its irritating particles intact. Those particles stick onto the moist coils. With time, enough build up around the coils block the heat transfer from taking place with efficiency.

Consequences of a Dirty Filter

From this point forward, the coils freeze through the buildup. The central air system is less efficient, expending more energy and running longer to cool the same amount of air. This also causes the furnace to overheat and overwork.

Indoor air quality plummets as air passes through, picking up sticky pieces of dirt off the coils and then enters back into your house. Microbiological growth becomes a problem as moisture continues to collect inside the box.

Air Cleaners Elevate Indoor Air Quality

Different air-cleaning systems are available to clean the air inside your home and protect your central air system from problems.

The AirScrubber system destroys 99.9% of all surface contaminants and reduces approximately 90% of airborne contaminants. An Air Scrubber disinfects surface areas of harmful bacteria and deodorizes your air. It also works to collect dust particles and provides simpler cleaning solutions.

To protect the evaporator coils from microbiological growth, UV systems such as the Biocide Chamber are fitted inside. The Biocide Chamber consists of a UV bulb that emit rays to kill bacteria.

The PureAir system is a system with a MERV 16 filter for the ultimate air filtration. It also provides a bank of UVC bulbs to cancel out the potential of microbiological growth.

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