Some Well-Fed Pooches Thanks To This Good Deed

Service Champions technician Dan was at a Laguna Hills home and his clients had a special request. Could Dan help them get their dogs fed?

Both the husband and wife had ailments that limited what they could do physically. But they also had two big Great Danes to feed. They had a family member that would stop by and give them what they needed to care for the dogs, but at the moment they had a problem.

Their current bag of dog food was low. In fact, it was low enough that they had lessened the portion given to each dog the day before to make sure they wouldn’t run out.

There was another bag of food available, but it was on a high shelf in the garage and weighed about 40 pounds. There was no way they could get that down themselves.

Dan was happy to help. He pulled the bag down and poured the dogs a meal into their bowls. Then he returned the bag to the garage but left it down low where it would be easily accessible.

He also found an old measuring cup and put it in the bag. This would make it easy for them to get the food in small, easy to carry portions, so they would have no problem feeding the dogs themselves.

The homeowners were happy and relieved that the problem had been solved. And Dan made other friends that day, too – two Great Danes with full bellies!

Dan, you saved the day with that Good Deed For Free – keep up the great work!