We Carry 1,800+ Parts On Our Repair Trucks

We Carry 1,800+ Parts On Our Repair Trucks
So You Won’t Have To Schedule A 2nd Appointment

Does the fact that Service Champions is the biggest heating and AC company in Southern California make any real difference in the quality and speed of our service to you?

Yes, it does.

The truth is our size allows us to do things that ordinary HVAC companies can’t.

Here’s a specific example of exactly what we mean.

Let’s say it’s a sweltering hot day and your AC is broken. You schedule a service call with a Southern California AC repair company and soon a technician arrives in his company vehicle.

What’s stocked inside that truck will make a huge difference in how fast you and your home get cool again.

At Service Champions we have our service vehicles stocked with 1,800+ parts so our technicians have at their fingertips everything they need to fix your problem on the spot.

When an HVAC company DOESN’T have enough parts on the truck, this causes needless delays, including:

  • Waiting several days or even a week for “the part to come in.” This will require a 2nd appointment, and all the hassles that can cause you.
  • Having the technician run out for the part, dragging out the time it takes to get your system fixed.
  • Having a technician take a shortcut by using an ‘almost right’ part instead of the EXACT right part.

If not having enough parts stocked on service trucks can cause all these problems and delays, why don’t more HVAC companies stock 1800+ parts like we do?

Well, that’s where the “BIG” advantage we were talking about comes into play.

We have the resources and financial stability to keep our service vehicles fully stocked. Many heater and AC repair companies simply can’t do it. And, even if they could afford it, they don’t have the staff and resources in place to keep their service vehicles stocked properly on an ongoing basis.

Service Champions has the right team and processes to make sure our trucks stay fully stocked with the right parts continuously.

We also make sure we keep up with which parts to stock. The 1,800+ parts we needed 10 years ago are not the exact same 1,800+ parts we need today. And 10 years from now, it will have changed again. We have the expert team in place to stay current.

One Other ‘BIG’ Advantage: 100,000 Parts In Stock & Ready To Go

There can be an occasional situation where a rare part is needed. We’ve got a plan for that, too.

Service Champions is the only Southern California company that warehouses over 100,000 parts.

So even in the unusual case of the right part not being on our truck, you still won’t have to wait days for it to come into the manufacturer. We’ve got it on hand and ready to deliver to our technician.

If you want to get your AC or heater fixed fast so you can get back to your life, call on a company with the resources and processes to have the right parts in stock and ready to go.

For heating or AC service in Southern California, Contact Us to schedule an appointment now.