The Value of Regular Maintenance

A heating and cooling system can be a little tricky when it comes to how well it’s performing. Most homeowners don’t realize there is a performance problem with their HVAC system until it finally stops working. If nothing else, for this reason alone, it is so important that you perform regular maintenance on your HVAC.

  • Maintenance Saves Money. Regular maintenance helps guarantee that your unit is working effectively, as well as provides the opportunity to catch signs of wear and weakness. The earlier they are noticed, the less the chance these small issues unexpectedly develop into big problems that can be costly to fix. All too often people will assume their unit is covered under warranty, and the warranty will pay for repairs, but when a unit does not receive regular tune-ups and cleaning, the manufacturer’s warranty becomes void.
  • Maintenance Maintains Efficiency. While the cost of unexpected repairs is certainly something to be concerned about, it’s important to be attentive to how efficiently your system is operating, too. If your system isn’t running efficiently, your unit is working harder than necessary to distribute air throughout your home, which wastes energy and money.
  • Maintenance Helps Ensure Your Safety. Many homeowners don’t realize that safety is an important issue when it comes to the operation of your heating and cooling units. A good maintenance tune-up will include an evaluation of all electrical connections. Defective connections can be a fire hazard and place a strain on the life of the affected unit. Furnaces in particular, are fire and carbon monoxide hazards when not attended to regularly.
  • Getting the Most from Your System. The most surefire way to ensure your system is operating effectively is to have it professionally maintained on a regular basis. Professionally performed tune-ups, cleaning and safety inspections are performed by technicians who are trained and certified to completely inspect and evaluate your system for performance and safety.
  • What You Can Do. Be sure to clean or change your air filters regularly. Of all the reasons an air conditioner or furnace doesn’t work as well as it should, this is often it. When the unit is on, it’s pulling air through the filter. The filter works to trap impurities and particulates from the air. Eventually the filter becomes blocked with everything it has trapped, and it becomes more difficult for the air to pass through. When this happens, your unit must work extra hard and use more power to do its job. Most filters should be changed once a month. Depending on the type of filter you use, you may be able to go longer or simply clean it on a regular basis. If you’re not sure what type of filter you are using, contact a professional to help you determine this and the schedule you should keep.

Regular maintenance on your HVAC ensures your system runs efficiently and provides round-the-clock comfort for you and your family. To schedule a tune-up for your system, contact Service Champions today!