The Top 4 Air Duct Problems In Your Home

We all take our air ducts for granted. But without them our cooling and heating units would be unable to bring ourDuctwork 300X200 1houses to comfortable temperatures. Improperly designed or failing ducts may be costing you money and affecting your comfort.  To help you, we have compiled a list of the four most common duct problems.

  • Loose or poorly sealed registers or grills. If your registers are not sealed or not sealed well, air will escape your ducts before it ever reaches your rooms. This loss of air creates an inefficient heating and cooling system that has to work harder than should be necessary.
  • Twisted or kinked flexible plastic air ducts. Flexible plastic air ducts are now common in many homes and are often found in your attic. If you have flexible ductwork, check to make sure that it’s not kinked or twisted. Kinks and sharp turns in your flexible ductwork create restrictions in airflow and place an undue strain on your HVAC system’s air handler.
  • Leaking ductwork. The average home loses about 20% of the air that circulates through its ducts, causing major inefficiency in your heating or cooling system. Also, air duct leaks give outside pollutants a way to enter your home. Having your ducts sealed by a professional increases your heating and cooling system’s efficiency and helps improve your home’s indoor air quality.
  • Air ducts that are not insulated or not fully insulated. Your temperature-controlled air escapes your HVAC system through more than leaks. Ducts that are not insulated or not insulated properly lose heated air in the winter and cooled air in the summer, costing you money. Properly insulating your ducts will improve the overall efficiency of your system. We recommend green safety ductwork. It is safe for the environment, safe for your home and can lower your utility bills by up to 30%.

If you are experiencing uneven heating and cooling or a dusty home, your ductwork could be to blame. We can help you diagnose and repair your heating, cooling and ventilation problems.

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