Tired Of Paying For TV, This Client Is Thrilled When Our Tech Installs Her Antenna

“What… you can’t watch any TV right now?”

Service Champions technician Eric was surprised when his Huntington Beach client told him she hadn’t had TV for more than week.

The homeowner explained that she got tired of cable and satellite bills and decided to get an aerial antenna to watch the local channels for free instead. The only problem was the family member who was going to help her install it hadn’t come by yet.

“I watch movies with my Blu-Ray player, but I do miss seeing the news,” she said.

Eric decided it was time for a Good Deed For Free. “Let’s try and get this working for you.”

Eric opened the box the antenna came in and found the wiring diagram. It was a little tough to decipher at first, but he eventually got the idea. Next, he needed to find the best place to mount the antenna on the wall. After trying a few different spots, they found one with good reception.

“It took a little longer than I thought it would,” Eric said. “But I was happy we got it working.”

The customer was absolutely thrilled that her TV was back in service and that Eric would take the time to help her.

Eric told her that’s what Good Deeds For Free are for – helping people solve problems by going the extra mile.

Eric, you’re tuned into the true spirit of Good Deeds For Free – keep up the great work!