This Good Deed Hinges On A Sticky Door

When Service Champions technician Jesus arrived at a San Gabriel home and there was a sticky problem before he even got into the house.

The homeowner was having trouble opening the front door to let him in.

“She was really struggling to open the door,” said Jesus. “So, I asked her if there was anything I could do.”

“Oh, please, that would be wonderful,” the client said. “Anything that you could do would help.”

She wasn’t sure why she’d been having the problems with it lately.

“She thought maybe it was because of the earthquakes that we had recently,” Jesus said.

Jesus took a look and thought he saw the problem. “It looked like loose hinge screws were causing the door to hit up against the door frame,” Jesus said. 

Jesus grabbed his screwdriver and began tightening all the screws. It hardly took any time at all, but it was a very effective fix.

“That made a huge difference. The door was finally closing the way it should have been and the client was very happy,” Jesus said. 

“I would have never figured that out!” the homeowner said. “Thank you so much.”

Nice job Jesus! That’s a wonderful Good Deed for Free!