The Perks of Regular Drain and Sewer Camera Inspections

As a homeowner, unexpected problems can arise with your plumbing. Issues like a leak, clogged pipe, or blocked sewer can be an inconvenience. Clogs can quickly form when materials like paper towels, wet wipes, debris, and grease are put down sewer lines or drains. In addition, old pipes are more prone to leaks and broken pipes.

However, it’s possible to identify these potential issues before they occur with drain and sewer camera inspections. Here you will learn how these inspections can save you money in the long run and why they are important for your home’s plumbing system.

What Is A Drain And Sewer Camera Inspection?

A sewer and drain camera inspection will give a plumber a complete, real-time view of your plumbing system including all drains and sewer lines. This consists of having a flexible cable with a fiber optic camera adhered to the end of your pipes. The plumber will then remote-control the cable to navigate through your water and sewer lines.


When Do I Need A Drain & Sewer Camera Inspection?

There are a few reasons that a drain and sewer camera inspection may be recommended.

Sewer Back-Up

A clear sign that it’s time for a camera inspection is if you notice your sewer backing up. An inspection will help locate the problem in the sewer line. There can be bigger issues than just a simple clog that can cause your sewer to have problems. Things like tree roots growing through the line can cause sewer backups as well.

Old Home Or Purchasing A New Home

As your plumbing system ages they become more prone to clogs or leaks. A drain and sewer camera inspection can help the plumber see any possible issues and fix them fast.

New Plumbing Increases Property Value

When you purchase a new home you want to make sure that your pipes are sturdy and problem free. A camera inspection will be able to evaluate the state of your plumbing so you can rest assured you won’t experience any untimely issues.

Low Water Pressure

If your faucets have a mere drip when you go to wash the dishes, it’s a sign that your home has low water pressure. Low water pressure is typically caused by leaks or clogs in your water pipes.

Perks To Getting Regular Drain And Sewer Camera Inspections

Regular drain and sewer camera inspections can assure you that your plumbing is functioning properly and help you to save money on costly repairs.

Here are the biggest benefits of regular drain and sewer camera inspections:

Locates Water Leaks

A plumber will be able to see precisely where a leak is happening in your pipes. This will leave out any room for guessing where the problem is coming from. Since they will know the location of the leak, they will be able to make the repair quickly.
Water Leak Meme

Identifies Blockage

Whether your pipes are blocked by tree roots growing through the pipes or grease and debris, there are many reasons that a blockage can occur.


With a camera inspection, the plumber will be able to assess the blockage and learn what kind of tools and repairs are needed to fix the problem before they go digging in your yard. This will also help them to recommend which repair method to use, whether it be an easy DIY remedy or a hands-on approach with stronger equipment.

Evaluations The Condition of The Pipes

When your sewer and pipes are functioning the best you won’t see as many issues. But you’ll need to be sure that everything going on inside is in the best condition. A camera inspection can catch any signs of corrosion or broken pipes so that the plumber can recommend a pipe replacement if necessary.

Quick Repairs

With a camera inspection, a plumber will be able to stop guessing where a clog or leak is which will help them to make the repair much quicker. They’ll be able to catch any potential issues that can be fixed before they get worse.

Protects Your Lawn

The old way of finding a broken or clogged pipe was to tear up your lawn by digging trenches next to your pipes to locate the problem. Because drain and sewer camera inspections work on a less destructive route your grass, shrubs, and trees will be saved from this.

Pipe Camera Inspections Prevent Lawn Dig Ups

Helps You Save Money

You may already know that emergency repair bills can be sky-high. These camera inspections will show any signs of problems before they get worse saving you money on a fast emergency repair.

How Much Does It Cost?

You’ll want to keep in mind the amount of money the equipment for these repairs can cost if you’re considering doing a drain and sewer camera inspection on your own. The cost of the camera alone can be between $1,000 and $15,000. However, the cost of having a professional do it is far lower. The exact cost will depend on your location and specific situations.

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