Technician’s Good Deed Gets Old Vacuum Cleaner In Working Order

When Service Champion technician Jesus arrived at a home in Arcadia, a homeowner was waiting for him, and she knew all about Good Deeds For Free.

“Hey! I know you guys do Good Deeds,” she said to Jesus. “If you don’t mind, I have something that I need you to help me with.”

The homeowner, a retired art teacher, had a large commercial vacuum cleaner – a lot like the kind you’d see in a school or for cleaning office buildings.

This ‘old school’ vacuum cleaner needed the bag replaced, but the valve that held the bag was rusted and clamped shut.

The client explained that she would be especially grateful for the help. Her husband used to handle these types of chores, but he had passed.

Jesus said it would be no problem and immediately took the vacuum outside, removed the valve, replaced the bag and made sure the valve worked properly for the next time.

“She was very happy that I got it done for her,” Jesus said.

Jesus also enjoyed spending a little extra time with the homeowner, talking about her art.

Jesus, thanks for another kind Good Deed For Free and for always taking the time to listen to your clients!