Technician Uses Quick Thinking to Break Up Dangerous Dog Fight

After finishing a recent call in Altadena, Service Champions technician Jamison noticed something startling across the street.

As he was leaving the homeowner’s house, Jamison noticed a young woman out on a stroll with her daughter and dog, when out of nowhere two stray terriers started attacking the mother’s small dog.

Having her infant daughter strapped to her chest, there wasn’t much the woman could do.

Jamison quickly leapt into action. He scanned the neighborhood and observed no other people in sight, no open doors, or any sign of where the two attacking dogs could have come from.

“The moment I saw that, I just ran over there and I was yelling at the dog,” said Jamison, “then I grabbed them both by the scruff of their neck and dragged them away.”

Moments later the stray dogs’ owner came to collect her naughty pups. No one said a word, and everyone left quickly. According to Jamison, he could tell the mother just wanted to get her daughter and their dog home. She was clearly shaken up.

“I was shocked about the whole thing, because it started and ended so quickly,” said Jamison.

After breaking up the dog fight, Jamison checked in with the homeowner who was grateful he had stepped in to help.

Thank you, Jamison, for your courage and stepping into a situation that could have ended very badly. That’s one brave Good Deed For Free!