Technician Stops To Aid Hit And Run Victim

Service Champions technician Steven was driving in Anaheim Hills when he noticed a couple of cars half pulled off the road and then saw a person knocked off his bike laying on the side of the road.

Steven decided to stop to see if he could help and thought his CPR training might be useful. He grabbed his first aid kit and went over.

“The bicyclist was unconscious, and some people were about to try and move him,” Steven said. “They meant well but I said not to move him because you don’t know if he has a neck injury or a back injury, and we could make it worse by moving him.”

The other people listened to Steven.

“I actually think me being in my Service Champions uniform may have made them think I was an EMT,” Steven said. “Whatever the reason, I’m glad they listened because you don’t want to make anything worse.”

Steven is CPR certified and has had some first-aid training, which helped him know what to do.

Steven waited for the EMTs and fire department to arrive and they loaded the bicyclist into the ambulance. He was breathing but knocked out.

“The EMTs and fire department said it must have been a hit and run,” Steven said.

Steven was glad to have some first aid training. “You always think ‘I’m never going to use this – that maybe it’s not worth learning,’” he said. “But then when the time comes and, if you do it properly you could save someone’s life.”

Steven, thanks for stopping and helping – that’s a caring Good Deed For Free!