Technician Not Unhinged By Request To Remove Door

Service Champions technician Jack was at a customer’s home to service a furnace, but he found out quickly that she also needed some help with an annoying door near the furnace.

Before he even got his tools unpacked, the customer asked him about him about removing the door. She said it didn’t seem to serve any purpose, and it made it nearly impossible to clean the vents next to the door.

And those vents needed cleaning often!

She asked Jack what he thought. Was there any good reason NOT to remove the door?

“If it’s not useful to you and you don’t want it, it won’t hurt to take it down,” Jack assured her.

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That’s all the customer needed to hear.

“Do you think you could remove it for me? I’ll pay you extra,” she quickly offered. “My son hasn’t gotten around to it and I think the door is too heavy for me to do it myself.”

Jack smiled and pointed out the window to his Service Champions vehicle. “No payment needed. See it’s right there on our vans. We do ‘Good Deeds For Free.”

Jack got to work. In about 10 minutes, he’d removed the hinges and carried the door to the garage for storage.

The customer was very grateful that this was finally done. Cleaning the vents would now be a much easier job!

Jack, way to take action and solve this problem for your customer. Keep up the ‘Good Deeds For Free’!