Technician Makes Client’s Day By Helping Her Figure Out DVD Player

During a recent AC tune-up in Montclair, our technician Antonio was chatting with a client who was frustrated with a brand-new DVD player she couldn’t operate.

A company had set up the DVD player for her, but they had rushed through the part where they showed her how it worked.

No problem, Antonio told her. He knew DVD players well, and said he’d be happy to help solve this issue. He then walked her though the process of using the DVD player step by step.

Then, together they repeated the process several times until she was completely confident she had learned it.

The client was thrilled, especially because she had purchased a special set of history DVDs that she had really been looking forward to watching. She told him that now she’d be able to enjoy watching them.

Thanks Antonio for taking the extra time to care – that’s another Good Deed For Free!