Technician Helps Widow Understand Her Oven Settings So She Can Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies

Service Champions technician Brian was at a Fountain Valley home for a tune-up when the homeowner started talking to him about the chocolate chip cookies she was about to make.

“I’m a little unsure about the oven, though. My husband passed away recently, and he was the one who was the expert on it,” she told Brian.

Brian looked at the oven, and by coincidence, he had the exact same one at his home.

“Hey, I can definitely help you out – I have this same oven!” Brian said.

Brian took the time to show her how all the important stuff worked, like timers, temperature settings, and everything else she needed to know.

“Thank you so much for helping me out.” she said, more confident now that she could operate the oven and bake her cookies.

“It’s my pleasure,” Brian said.

Well done Brian, that’s another Good Deed For Free!