Technician Gives Away Extra Face Masks To Grateful Client

At his client’s request, Service Champions technician Jose showed up in a face mask to his Pasadena service call.

All Service Champions technicians show up wearing masks and gloves. We are also taking other measures to protect you and our techs.

The client shared that she felt a little trapped – she wanted to get masks but didn’t want to go out to get them without a mask.

“I need to buy some, but I don’t feel comfortable leaving the house right now,” the homeowner said. “Would you have an extra you could spare?”

In the spirit of Good Deeds For Free, Jose gave more than he was asked.

“I had extras, so I gave her three masks instead of one,” Jose said.

The client was relieved to get the masks. “Oh, thank you so much! I didn’t want to go out without one.”

Nice work Jose – that’s a generous Good Deed For Free!