Technician Gets Groceries For Client Stuck At Home During Covid-19

These can be tough times for many people to get out and do everyday tasks that are usually taken for granted – even something as simple as grocery shopping.

That was brought home to our technician Damon when he was on a service call in Laguna Woods and the client shared her difficulties about getting out to shop.

She had an additional challenge of being in a wheelchair and would have to call a car service to get to the grocery store.

Damon wanted to help and told her if she made a list, he and his fellow technician would get everything she needed.

“She needed some basics like potatoes and tomatoes for dinner that night, and she wanted some cookies and some sandwich stuff,” Damon said. “My fellow tech went to a couple of stores and got everything she needed.”

When Damon returned with the groceries, his client’s reaction made it all worthwhile.

“She was ‘over-the-top’ happy and thankful,” Damon said. “I liked being able to help her out.”

Damon, thanks for your thoughtfulness and effort – that’s an excellent Good Deed For Free!