Technician Gets Customer Rolling Again By Attaching Wheels to Shredder

Service Champions technician Jason was on a service call in Brea when a client mentioned Good Deeds For Free.

She knew Service Champions did them and wanted to know if Jason could help her out with an easy one.

“Sure, of course – what can I get done for you?” Jason asked.

“Well, I have all these boxes I just brought in the house with my old business records that I want to shred, but it would be a lot easier if I could roll my shredder from box to box,” the client explained.

She had a shredder already set up, she just needed someone to figure out how to install the wheels that came with it.

“I can do that – let me take a look,” Jason said.

He turned the shredder over and saw how the wheels could be snapped into place. In a matter of minutes, Jason had the shredder ready for action.

The customer was ecstatic, especially because she has some mobility issues, and this would make things a whole lot easier for her.

“She was super happy and stoked that she was able to roll it around with her throughout the house,” Jason said.

Jason, way to be ready to roll with any Good Deed For Free you’re asked to do!