Technician Fixes Ugly Problem After Roofing Company Carelessly Leaves Cables Hanging Around

Service Champions technician Ryen was at a home in Orange to perform HVAC service, and his clients weren’t too happy.

It wasn’t Ryen they were unhappy with – it was the roofing contractor who had done recent work for them.

“They explained to me that the homeowner’s association sent them a roofing contractor who did some work on their roof, and the roofers just left old cable wiring dangling over the side of the house,” Ryen said. “It looked terrible.”

The clients were frustrated because their plea to the homeowner’s association to send the roofers back out was falling on deaf ears.

Ryen told them he had a 24-foot ladder and he’d be happy to remove the old cable wires.

“Really? You can do that for us?!” the wife asked.

Of course he could help them out. Ryen set up his ladder and got the ugly cables down – problem solved.

“They were so ecstatic that someone actually fixed the problem for them,” Ryen said. “I was happy to take care of it for them.”

Ryen, you climbed high to get that Good Deed For Free accomplished – well done!