Technician Fixes Remote & Organizes a DVD Collection For Veteran

Service Champions technician Frank was in a Huntington Beach home for a tune-up at the home of a WWII & Korean War veteran.

Frank noticed a lot of DVDs around the living room and started talking to the man about all the DVDs he had.

“Yes, I like movies but I’m having trouble with my DVD player,” the veteran said. “The remote isn’t talking to the receiver.”

“Well, let’s take a look at it and see if we can get it working,” Frank said.

After testing around a bit, both men realized the remote batteries were the problem – they showed evidence of corrosion.

Franks replaced the batteries with some fresh ones, then wiped down the DVD player so the sensor was clean. And just like that – everything worked like a charm.

“Oh, that makes a big difference!” the veteran said, happily.

“Yeah, it just needed a stronger signal.” Frank said.

To finish things up Frank helped him re-organize his DVD collection of classic Western movies, including a lot of John Wayne films like The Searchers, Rio Grande, and Rainbow Valley.

Thanks Frank for serving a veteran who served our country – that’s another Good Deed For Free!