Technician Fixes Dangerous Electrical Outlet For His Client

When Service Champions technician Brandon arrived at an Anaheim home, the homeowner knew all about Good Deeds For Free and was hoping Brandon could help her with cleaning out a dryer vent.

“Sure, no problem.” Brandon said, and then spent 40 minutes giving it a thorough cleaning.

But Brandon wasn’t done doing Good Deeds.

Later in the call, Brandon found an outside electrical outlet hanging dangerously loose. 3 screws and a few minutes later, the outlet was safe and functional.

You might think Brandon was done doing Good Deeds, but not yet. Earlier in the week a duct cleaning company had been at the home and left air vents unattached.

Brandon fixed their sloppy work by re-attaching all the vents himself.

Wow Brandon, that’s a Good Deeds triple-play for one very happy homeowner!