Teamwork Takes Care Of this “Weighty” Task

A homeowner in Anaheim told our technician Greg she had a “heavy” problem. She needed to get a rug removed from underneath a table to take it to be cleaned, but the table on top of the rug was heavy. With its marble top, it was around 200 lbs.

Greg is always happy to help, but he knew there was no way he could lift a table that heavy completely off the rug. He figured out a better way instead.

“I’ll tell you what – I can lift one end if you can be down below sliding the rug out,” Greg said. “Then we’ll do the same thing on the other end.”

Very quickly, working together they had the rug out and ready to head to the cleaners. The homeowner was very happy to have that weighty task out of the way.

Nice job Greg – another Good Deed For Free to keep our clients smiling!