Solve the Top Home Air Conditioning Complaints

Homeowners can have a lot to say when it comes to home air conditioning. Solve the top three complaints California homeowners have about their home air conditioning to enjoy a better home.

Home Air Conditioning Isn’t Cold Enough

If home air conditioning isn’t cold enough, it’s time for HVAC maintenance. With time and use, pieces of the home air conditioning system shift. These small shifts add up to poorer home air conditioning, and may be why your AC isn’t cold enough.

Home air conditioning that isn’t cold enough can also relate to the refrigerant pressure setting. The pressure setting needs to be high enough to push and compress refrigerant for the air conditioning process. When the setting is too low, refrigerant fails to reach the necessary level to get very cold air.

In addition, there may be a refrigerant leak altogether. While this is rare, it is possible. Without refrigerant, home air conditioning will never get cold. If you suspect a refrigerant leak, leave it to your technician. Refrigerant is something homeowners should never deal with themselves.

Home Air Conditioning Isn’t Strong Enough

When homeowners say home air conditioning isn’t strong enough, they usually are referring to airflow. Home air conditioning may not feel breezy from the vents, and as a result, homeowners believe that air conditioning isn’t working.

However, the more probable reason is that the motors have gone bad. This leads to conditioned air getting stuck inside the home air conditioning system. Because the motors are stalled or burnt, air does not move into the ducts. As a result, what air reaches the home is limited. Air may also be stuck because of obstruction, closed vents or other blockages.

First, go about the home and check that all vents and registers are in the open position. If there is furniture in the way, be sure to move them. This ensures free and complete airflow. Then, you’ll need your technician to evaluate the home air conditioning system. He or she can repair burnt motors, damaged fans and remove what blocks the air ducts.

Home Air Conditioning Costs Too Much

Home air conditioning that costs too much can signal a number of issues:

  • The home air conditioning system hasn’t been serviced
  • The home is poorly insulated
  • The heat load is mismanaged
  • The home air conditioning system is outdated

In general, high costs come down to lack of HVAC maintenance. Servicing the home air conditioning system saves homeowners time and money. It’s the best way to avoid large service costs from expensive repairs and permanent damages. In addition, HVAC maintenance protects the energy efficiency of the system so you can use more air conditioning for less spending.

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