How Replacing Your Home’s Ducts Saves You Money

When we talk to Southern California homeowners about upgrading to newer, more efficient air conditioners, always bring to their attention is their ductwork.

Whether you realize it or not, your ducts play a very large part in the comfort of your home and the efficiency of your comfort system. Therefore, it may sometimes be beneficial to replace your ducts to get the most out of your new system.

Replacing the ducts in your home can save you money by ensuring your ductwork is:

Correctly sized.

In order to function properly and cool and heat your home evenly, your ductwork must be transporting enough air to and from your air conditioner and heater. A common problem with many existing duct designs is that they are improperly sized.

Your comfort system can only deliver the amount of air it takes in, yet many Southern California homes do not have properly sized return ducts. This insufficient airflow suffocates your air conditioner and heater, increasing your energy bills and decreasing your system’s lifespan.

Straight and direct.

Another benefit of replacing your ducts is more direct runs of ductwork. Straight ducts deliver air better (less friction) and short runs can save you money by limiting the exposure of your conditioned air to your hot attic. When replacing your ducts, the new design will make your ducts as straight and short as possible to maximize your savings.

Properly balanced.

Do you have uneven heating and cooling in your home? One of the most common causes of these hot and cold spots is unbalanced ductwork. Today’s technology allows for much more control over how air is distributed throughout your home.

Replacing your home’s ducts increases your comfort by providing more even heating and cooling through a process known as balancing. This ensures each room in your home is getting the correct amount of airflow.

Insulated and sealed

Many Southern California homeowners invest in highly efficient air conditioners and heaters only to find that they are not getting the energy savings they had hoped for. According to ENERGY STAR, 20% of the air that passes through the ducts in your home can be lost to insufficient insulation and leaking ductwork.

By replacing your ducts, you can get the energy efficiency you want. Our green safety ductwork is insulated with environmentally friendly materials and can reduce your utility bills by as much as 30%.

Find out if your home could benefit from replacing your ducts. Schedule an in-home appointment online today.