Outstanding HVAC Repairs in Orange

Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning delivers outstanding HVAC repairs in Orange. We are the experts homeowners trust and as the only Diamond Certified provider for Orange County.

For every homeowner in Orange, we promise:

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On top of expert technical care, we provide our total and undivided attention. Our aim is your complete satisfaction with high quality HVAC repairs in Orange.

HVAC Repairs for Air Duct Leaks and Emergency Repairs

All HVAC repairs in Orange should be made promptly. This ensures that repairs do not spread or develop into severe damage that can disable the entire unit. It also guarantees that your central air system is safe to use and works as well as it can. While all repairs should be made quickly, some are absolutely urgent. If you suspect that you need an emergency repair, play it safe and turn off the central air system. Wait and call Service Champions for immediate help.

One of these urgent repairs is that for air duct leaks. Air ducts leaks happen when the air duct material tears or rips, creating a hole. This hole allows cleaned and conditioned air to spill out into the attic. It also allows dirty attic air to enter the home. If you need HVAC repairs in Orange for air duct leaks, you will likely experience terrible indoor air quality, no change in home temperature and huge energy waste.

HVAC Service for Non-operative Thermostats

While many homeowners overlook the thermostat, it is the remote control to the central air system. Just like any other part of the central air system, the thermostat also needs HVAC repairs in Orange.

Your thermostat may have buildup inside that interferes with operation. Wires or buttons might have corroded or separated, making it difficult to use or control the central air system. HVAC repairs in Orange will restore proper function. However, if you have an older thermostat, consider an upgrade. Programmable and smart thermostats offer an assortment of functions that really elevate home living and help you personalize heating and air conditioning.

HVAC Repairs for Stalled Blower Motors

Blower motors are motorized fans that push and pull air in and out of the home and central air system. This is how we feel air coming out of the vents. Consequently, if you do not feel air coming out of the vents, the problem links back to the blower motors and fans.

Motors may stall for a variety of reasons. Something might have gotten stuck or caught in the fan. The wires might have come undone or the circuit board controlling the motor may have burned. Whatever the case, HVAC repairs in Orange are necessary.

Do not prompt heating and air conditioning if you have an issue with blower motors. Doing so only wastes energy and may cause the furnace to overheat and shut down. Wait until your specialist has fixed the problem and cleared the central air system for regular use.

When You Need HVAC Repairs in Orange, Call Service Champions

No matter what you need, count on Service Champions for expert technical care and genuine customer service. We make your home better through outstanding heating and air conditioning services. Plus, we guarantee your complete satisfaction.

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