Your Outdoor Spring Cleaning Checklist

It’s springtime in Southern California and that means warmer weather and spring cleaning are in full swing. WhileCaulking Window Home Repair 300X182 1 you’re cleaning your home and preparing for summer, don’t forget about the outside of your home, as well.

The four items on our outdoor spring cleaning checklist will increase your home’s value, improve operating efficiencies and help avoid more costly repairs.

Fix seals around doors and windows

Over time, the seals around your doors and windows become damaged from being exposed to the extreme hot and cold. Wherever the caulking is peeling or cracking, scrape it off and re-caulk. Also, check the weather stripping around your exterior doors and replace, if needed. These steps will reduce the amount of cooled air that escapes your home this summer, saving you money on air conditioning costs and increasing your cooling system’s efficiency.

Note : One of the largest causes of air conditioning system inefficiency is air leakage. You should also check around exterior plumbing and electrical fixtures for gaps and signs of air leaks. Don’t forget to look for cracks or missing mortar in your home’s exterior, as well.

Touch up your home’s exterior

Paint isn’t just aesthetic; it also protects your home’s wood, siding or stucco from the elements. Repainting areas that are peeling not only improves the look of your home, but also defends it from wood-rot, rust and other damage caused by being exposed to the weather. Repair any areas with peeling paint, exposed or splitting wood, or loose siding.

Clean out and repair your rain gutter

Winter rains and storms can deposit leaves, dirt and other debris in your rain gutters. If your downspouts and gutters remain clogged, they can back up in a storm, causing water damage to your roof. Clear your gutters as well as the gutter channels on your roof of any obstructions. Repair any leaks, cracks or holes in the rain gutter or downspout and ensure that water is transported away from your home. Water collecting at the base of your home can damage your foundation or flood your basement.

Prepare your landscaping

The warming weather is a perfect time to prepare your landscaping for summer. Arrange your garden, pull weeds and clean the yard of leaves and debris. Fertilize your shrubs and flowers. Also, make a point of checking your irrigation system for water leaks. Turn on each zone and look for leaking sprinkler heads, water faucets or drip lines. Even a small leak can waste hundreds of gallons of water.

Taking care of these outdoor spring cleaning repairs now will increase your home’s value, improve operating efficiencies and help avoid more costly repairs down the road.

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