Our Technician Delights Homeowners By Cleaning Up Oil Spill Left By Another Contractor

Our technician Angel was at a home in Santa Ana and the homeowner mentioned that a previous contractor had left an oil stain on her driveway.

“He came to fix our cable and I guess his van had a leak,” she said.

Angel could tell by how good her home looked that she took a lot of pride in keeping things neat. Angel also remembered that Service Champions likes to leave things “cleaner than we found it.”

“So I got my oil cleaner and some Simple Green and I sprayed it on there,” Angel said. “I let it soak for 30 minutes, then put a little more on, and then rinsed it with a hose. It came right off.”

The homeowner was “super thrilled.” And Angel got bonus points when the husband showed up as he finished cleaning it up.

“They were both really happy that the spot was taken care of,” Angel said.

Angel, way to leave things “cleaner than you found them” with another helpful Good Deed For Free!