No One Would Stop To Help… Until Our Technician Came By

The van was stuck smack in the middle of Valley off the 605. Being that it was around 5:30pm, cars were whizzing by with everyone in a rush to get home.

Service Champions technician Steven had a long day of work himself, but he knew the people in the van could probably use a hand. He pulled in front of the van and got out.

The two men in the van thought their battery was dead and we’re hoping Steven had cables to give them a jump. Steven didn’t have cables, but he did know his way around a battery and offered to check it out.

“I noticed that the wires that connected to the battery were really dirty,” Steven said. “They had acid all over them and that meant the connection was too weak to start the car.”

Steven grabbed his screwdriver, popped the wires off and scraped them clean. He cleaned up the battery a bit, too. After he re-connected everything, he asked one of the men to try turning the key again.


Everyone was happy that they could be on their way. It turns out the guys had been there close to an hour and they were very thankful someone finally stopped to help.

“It was a little crazy,” Steven said. “People were barreling by and honking. As I was helping them, I could hear people yelling and zooming right by. Not everyone seemed to understand that they were stuck in the middle and there was no room to pull over.”

As they were leaving, one of the men offered Steven money, but he refused. He pointed to his truck. “We do Good Deeds For Free,” Steven said.

The man was impressed said he was very grateful for Steven’s help.

Wow Steven, that was above and beyond the call of duty. Keep up those Good Deeds For Free!


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