MERV Ratings on Your Air Conditioning And Heating Systems

What Are MERV Ratings?

Most Filters come with a MERV rating. This number is important in determining the efficiency of the filter.

MERV stands for minimum efficiency reporting value and measures how well the air filter removes particles from the air flowing through it. Your filter has a MERV rating ranging from one to 20. The higher the score, the greater the efficiency of the air filter.

However, it is important to keep in mind that a higher score isn’t always necessary or beneficial to your home. Learning more about MERV ratings will help you make an informed decision about which filter matches your home and lifestyle needs.

What Your MERV Rating Means

The MERV rating is also an indication of how fine the pores of the filter are. The lower the score, the larger the pores, which means a greater amount of smaller particles can easily slip through the filter and continue circulating throughout the home every time the air conditioning is on. The higher the score is the finer the pores are. This results in less particles to passing through the filter.

Most home air conditioning systems come with a filter with a MERV rating between six and eight. These filters do a decent job filtering airborne particles from indoor air.

Our technicians recommend an air filter with a MERV rating of 10 or above for most residential homes. Anything above MERV-16 usually is suited for hospitals, clinics and other facilities requiring contained and sanitized air for the health-oriented goals.

What You Should Know About Indoor Air Quality

The Right MERV for Your Home

Initially, a higher scoring MERV filter may sound better. However, too high of a MERV rating for the purpose of residential homes causes energy inefficiency and higher utility costs. This is because with a higher MERV rating, your central air system works twice as hard to condition and filter the same amount of air as with a lower MERV rating.

A MERV-rated filter that scores 16 is recommended if and when you have:

  • Small children or elderly whose health is susceptible to poorer air quality
  • Allergies or weakened immune systems
  • Sensitivity to airborne particles and pathogens
  • Have a household condition that requires extra-strength filtering on a regular basis

High Indoor Air Quality and MERV Filters

Homes seeking high-scoring MERV filters to achieve great indoor air quality have more efficient and economical options available. Because a high-scoring MERV filter puts a lot of stress on the central air system and costs more in terms of energy, there are air purification and cleaning systems that can eliminate airborne pathogens and particles.

Some of those options include:

Pure Air Filter 300X225 300X225 1 1

These purification systems attach conveniently to your existing central air system, remove stress from the original filter and purify indoor air with no added effort. If you are interested in finding a purification system to accompany your MERV filter, call Service Champions today to have your technician visit you.

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