Keep Nasty Odors out of Your Home Gym

A home gym is a great way to keep fit, but after a while, home gym smells can start to affect the enjoyment of your workout, and the rest of your home in general. The good news is that these smells are preventable. You can take steps to avoid them and remove any odors that are starting to build up. Here are some top tips for keeping your home gym smelling fresh.

What Causes That Home Gym Smell?

A home gym is supposed to be a place where you can get away from the stress of life and get in a good workout. But if your equipment reeks of sweat, that’s not going to happen.

Image: A Woman Stretching With Her Cat Before A Workout In Her Home Gym.
So why does your gym stink? Here are some common reasons:

  • Bacteria growing on surfaces gives off unpleasant odors.
  • Lack of ventilation. If there’s insufficient air circulation in the room, sweat won’t dry out, and the smell will linger.
  • Sweat builds up on benches and mats.
  • You don’t clean up after yourself properly. Bacteria love moisture — so if you leave water bottles or towels lying around all day long, they could become breeding grounds for odor-causing microbes.

Make Sure to Clean Your Equipment After Every Workout

It’s a fact – your home gym will get dirty. You’ll sweat, your weights will get dusty, and other factors like drink spills and deodorizers make it tricky to keep your workout area smelling fresh. Luckily, there are some easy ways to keep your gym clean and smelling fresh.

  • Keep your equipment wiped down with a disinfectant wipe before and after each use.
  • Wipe down the floor mats.
  • Sweep up any dirt or hair before you leave the gym.
  • Use paper towels or wipes to clean up spills on equipment or floors.
  • Empty bins regularly.

Ventilate and Allow Air to Circulate Around Your Home Gym

A home gym should have good ventilation and air circulation. Unfortunately, many people set up their home gyms in their basements or attics, and these areas tend to be dark, humid, and dank.

Image: A Man Working Out In His Well Ventilated Home Gym
The best way to avoid this is by installing a fan in the ceiling or wall. This will help move around the air in the room and prevent it from stagnating.

If you have windows in your home gym, open them up and allow air to circulate. Fresh air is great for workouts.

Use an All-Natural Air Freshener

Most gyms have a scent of sweat, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can change your gym’s smell with these easy natural air fresheners.

Essential oils

There are many different kinds of essential oils. Some have a strong scent, while others are softer or more subtle. You can add a few drops of these oils to a diffuser. Peppermint and eucalyptus are refreshing gym fragrances.

Citrus-based smells

Citrus scents are fresh and energizing, making them perfect for gyms. Try lemon or grapefruit essential oils (or real fruit!) for a sweet citrus scent or orange essential oil for something zingier.

Image: Essential Oils.

Baking soda

This is one of the most common odor absorbers, and it works very well to remove odors from the air. Put a box or two of baking soda around the gym. The baking soda will absorb unwanted smells, but you’ll need to replace it every few days.

ALWAYS Clean Your Towels

The first step in cleaning your gym towel is removing the odor-causing bacteria. To do so, wash your gym towel with hot water and detergent, or put it in the washing machine on hot with detergent. Use bleach if you want to get rid of stains too.

Image: Dirty Towels.

Invest in a Dehumidifier and an Air Purifier

Dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air to keep your home gym dry and more comfortable during hot weather. A dehumidifier does not just make it easier for you to breathe when exercising, less moisture in the air also helps prevent mold growth inside your home gym equipment.

Air purifiers work by removing contaminants from the air. The most common pollutants are mold spores, dust mites, and pet dander. Some air purifiers also remove bacteria, viruses, and pollen.

Check for Mold

Mold grows best in warm places with high humidity and poor ventilation. Just know, it’s not unusual for mold to develop in your home gym if it hasn’t been properly maintained or ventilated.

When left unchecked, mold can cause serious health problems for anyone who comes into contact with it. It can trigger allergic reactions and respiratory issues, causing sneezing and congestion.

Book an HVAC Tune-Up

Regular maintenance is essential to keeping your HVAC system running efficiently. A tune-up can help you extend the life of your equipment and improve energy efficiency. It also helps to ensure that your home is comfortable, especially if you have a family member with allergies or asthma.

Image: Replacing A Furnace Filter.Keep your HVAC system in top working condition by booking an HVAC tune-up with the Service Champions.